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Night 14 at Camp Heroes as the loser tribe returns from Tribal Council. James condescendingly asks a forlorn Colby if he "wants a hug," now that his best buddy Tom is gone. Candice tells us that she voted for Tom because she didn't see any way to save him and didn't want to make James's alliance mad at her for what would be a meaningless throwaway vote. Unfortunately for her, her plan didn't work, as no one will talk to Candice and Amanda interviews that everyone is mad at her for trying to get rid of James over Tom and she now cannot be trusted. Not like anybody liked or trusted her before that, though. Over at the Villains' camp, Li'l Russell and Rob find themselves awake. Li'l Russell walks over to Rob and says he wants to talk to him. "I don't want to be at your throat; I don't want you to be at my throat," he says to Rob, who has to be thinking, "we were at each other's throats? When? Who is this little man?" because up until this point, I'm pretty sure that the Li'l Russell vs. Rob epic battle exists solely in Li'l Russell's head. Li'l Russell tells us that he only said this to put Rob at ease and not because he meant it or wanted camera time or anything like that. Rob tells Li'l Russell that "a lot of people" are mad at him for looking for the idol. Li'l Russell denies finding it, although he does admit to looking for it because he was so freaking obvious about it that it would be an insult to Rob's intelligence if he didn't. Li'l Russell says if he gets another clue, he'll be sure to find the idol. "If you do have it, hang onto it tight," Rob warns, not even trying to believe that Li'l Russell doesn't have the idol. Rob then interviews that Li'l Russell is "out of his league" and he wants him to be as paranoid as possible so he'll run around "like a crazy man." Because that's one thing you definitely want on your tribe -- one guy who has nothing to lose and everything to gain. That always works out really well for everyone. Rob continues that Li'l Russell is "playing with the big boys now." And is he ever! Such outstanding Survivor luminaries as Rupert, Douche, and Amanda, who couldn't get a score above 90 on an IQ test combined. "Watch your back, man," Rob tells Li'l Russell, who can't help but respond with a "same thing for you, man." With that, Rob takes his leave of Li'l Russell.

The next day, the Heroes get treemail, which Rupert greets with yet another "YAAAAYY!" Since he's one of the few people left in his tribe who knows how to read, J.T. has the honor of reading it out loud, and Colby notes that it doesn't say if it's for immunity or reward. "What does it mean for James?" he wonders, although not really because Colby looks too tired and over it at this point to even waste energy by thinking about stuff like that. As James braces up his knee, Colby says he thinks there will be challenges that James won't be able to do, which is pretty much Colby's only hope to stay in the game at this point. On their way to the challenge, James grabs a banana from a bunch hanging off of the Heroes flag. Amazingly enough, THIS WILL BE IMPORTANT LATER.

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