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This Show Is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-ZZZ

Probst asks Colby how it feels to hear that James thinks of him as Superman wearing a fat suit. If I were Colby, I'd say "confused, because that kind of doesn't make sense. Did he mean 'Superman wearing a kryptonite suit perhaps?'" But no, Colby just says that it's even worse to be Superman in a fat suit, and he acknowledges that he hasn't done as well as he hoped thus far in the game. With that, they vote. But first, Probst tells the Villains to put their food down (which makes James laugh at them like he's the winner here when they're the ones who got hot dogs), pick their torches up, and go. The Heroes whine once more about all the delicious food they don't get to eat, and then they vote. Colby votes for James, and James votes for Colby. And surely, everyone else who voted to keep James over Tom will vote Colby out, because if they thought he was fitter than Tom yesterday then there's no reason why their opinions would change, right? WRONG! They all vote for James. Which means they've now lost Tom and James but kept Colby and Rupert in the game. Great move, guys. Amanda hugs James and says she loves him as the rest of his tribe looks very sad. Especially Colby, who was really looking forward to leaving tonight. "I'm gonna be good and drunk in the next five minutes," James tells his former tribe as his knee buckles because this show is making him climb down like forty feet worth of stairs. Nice exit, James. Please don't bring your fragile body back for a fourth season.

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