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So now we're left with this meeting of the minds: J.T., Amanda, Rupert, and Candice discuss who should be the next to go. Amanda, of course, wants Colby to go home over her best friend James, and whines that he outperformed Colby in the last challenge. Rupert reminds us all that his toe is totally broken, saying that despite that he also did better than Colby. J.T. says that they have to go with who will be an asset to their pathetic tribe. Meanwhile, why has no one considered getting rid of Rupert? I don't understand it. Both James and Colby are better than he is. "We have to win," J.T. says, pointing out that James isn't going to be much of a help to them in challenges and doesn't do much around camp either, as we see a shot of James helping himself to more bananas as J.T. says he "eats us out of house and home." "He grabs four bananas on the way to the challenge and three more on the way back," Rupert mutters. Okay, but I only saw him eating one banana each time, and it kind of makes sense that he'd want to fuel up both before and after all that exertion. They all should be doing that, really. Maybe that's why they suck so much.

Amanda goes to James and tells him that he needs to prove to his tribe that he's worth keeping. James still thinks he can run "faster than most of them," which is true if by "them" he means a kindergarten class. "And you can't steal anymore bananas when we come into camp," Amanda adds, giving James a lesson on how to be Miss Congeniality. James has no idea what Amanda's talking about, even after she tries to spell it out for him. She then interviews that even she has to admit that James eats a lot of bananas. "You're out here with no food. It's a big deal to people," she says. The fact that this is the biggest drama in the Heroes camp right now just shows you how incredibly boring they are. "When you get a banana, you get one for everyone else. It's, like, etiquette," Amanda slowly explains to James, who still seems completely thrown by this strange concept of being polite to the people you're stuck with for days and days on end. He must be such a tool in real life. And dumb, because if you need Amanda to spell things out for you, you are in serious danger of not being a functional adult. Amanda says that everyone is looking for a reason to keep James and vote Colby out, so if he can just show them that he can move, he should stay tonight. "It's up to y'all. I'm tired of talking," he says. "UGH," Amanda groans, apparently having finally lost her patience with him.

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