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Yo-Ho-Ho And A Bottle Of Dumb

Commercials. If your tastebuds are getting their thrills from Tropical Punch Rolaids, it's time to investigate Thai food.

Morning and a pelican come to the beach. At Drake, it's a very wet, rainy morning as Michelle despairs that some of her stuff will never dry out. She explains in an interview that they chose not to buy clothes in the village, thinking it wouldn't be necessary. Sandra adds that this was indeed a rather unexpected complication, being stuck without clothes. Rupert complains to some of his tribemates that the constantly soaked jeans are just not going to cut it as islandwear. He tells us that having wet denim rub his crotch for a day and a half was not making him happy. Frankly, just hearing about it isn't doing wonders for me, either. Sandra works on making herself some palm-frond slippers, it appears, and Christa interviews that they eventually realized that they could improvise with their clothes a little better than they had done thus far. Trish and Michelle both cut off their skirts, with Michelle planning to make a top from the cut-off part, while Sandra keeps working on her slippers and Shawn cuts off the suit pants into very unattractive shorts. He, of course, manages to mention his Armani suit again, like, WE GET IT, Fashion Plate. He explains that he intends to make "convertible pants" out of the suit for night wearing. Interesting plan, that. All he'll need to do, I guess, is dip into the tribe's supply of zippers, snaps, and buckles. ["Um, everyone knows that a basket of notions is indispensible camping gear." -- Wing Chun] Elsewhere, Christa and Rupert make a deal that she can cut off the bottom of her dress, and he can tie it around his waist and wear it as a skirt. Jon explains this in an interview, referring to Rupert as "Blackbeard," which he apparently thinks is extremely funny. He's wrong. Rupert, on the other hand, is funny as he explains in his interview that he went all along with the silly teasing and laughing and girly stuff, but was actually very happy to get rid of the damn jeans and get into something appropriate for the weather and activities.

Jaunty tootling takes us back over to Morgan, Land of the Lost. They've got one thing on the agenda, and that's finding water, which they haven't done yet. Somewhere along the way here, Tijuana pulls out the map of the camp and notices the big notation on the map for "WATER WELL." Idiots. To their credit, the tribe at least manages to muster some shame about how stupid they are. To the opposite of their credit, it appears that only Ryan S. and Lill go off for water, and it doesn't look like they take any containers besides their cooking pot. Did they not get any containers? Again, idiots. Back at camp, the rest of the tribe gets to work on a proper shelter, meaning one that is up off the ground and is not populated with thriving crustacean colonies or propped up in the shadow of a crumbling pile of rocks and dirt.

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