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Yo-Ho-Ho And A Bottle Of Dumb

Obviously, things at Morgan are more subdued. Andrew is giving the post-challenge breakdown. "That sucked any way you look at it," he says. "We lost by about a foot, we learned from it, we move on, and we kick their butt next time, and we remember how cocky they were when they won." The team nods agreeably. Later, Tijuana, Nicole, and Darrah stroll on the beach, where they run into Ryan O. and Andrew. Andrew says, "You ladies saw what we saw." "What did you see?" Tijuana asks. "We saw our friend Ryan [S.], who's back at the camp, just quit about a third of the way in." Andrew goes on to complain that Ryan S. was slacking the entire time. Tijuana puts in a word for possibly booting Lill. Andrew answers that he thinks all the rest of the challenges will be equally strenuous, so the question is whether they want to keep Lill and hope she's up for it, or keep "the limp noodle," Ryan S. Wow. "Limp noodle" isn't a very nice thing to say. Just as they're having this conversation, Lillian is complaining to Ryan S. that she doesn't fit in with the girls or the guys, and feels pretty much isolated. "Hang in there. This game changes every day," Ryan says, quite correctly. In a quick standup interview, Lill explains that she took the challenge loss hard, because she thinks she's an obvious candidate for the boot. Ryan tells her not to give up until her torch is out. He's kind of annoying, but he's right in this case.

Nicole comes to visit with Lillian at some later time, and presents a new theory. She'd like to boot Tijuana. No sooner has she spoken these words, however, than we see Lillian carry this news directly to Andrew and Ryan O. She tells them about Nicole's offer to boot Tijuana. According to Lillian, she didn't see much justification for Nicole's argument, given the Nicole's reasoning for booting Tijuana was apparently the old "she's bugging me" argument, which one can't expect anyone else to find compelling. Andrew interviews that he doesn't think Lillian is even capable of lying, so he's quite sure that the story about Nicole is true. He carries the story to Tijuana herself, who is appalled to hear that she was targeted by anyone. Tijuana, in turn, tells Andrew that Nicole's story was that Lillian was the one who suggested her ouster. So either Nicole is lying, or Lillian is, and neither Andrew nor Tijuana seems to find it very challenging to guess at which it is. "Lill is not conniving," Andrew says to Tijuana.

Trying to get to the bottom of things, Tijuana goes to talk to Nicole directly, with Darrah standing by. In what's just about her first comment of the entire show, Darrah comments that she originally liked Nicole, but now she's not sure if Nicole can be trusted. Nicole tries a psychobabblicious technique of asserting herself by saying, "You're making me very uncomfortable in the situation." As much as I don't care for Tijuana, she's got a point when she says that all she's doing is asking about something that got back to her. She didn't create the uncomfortable situation. "If you don't trust me..." Nicole starts to protest. "I want to trust you," Tijuana answers, "and that's why I'm asking you." In an interview, however, Tijuana reveals that things have deteriorated further, because she confirms that she and Nicole are at "enemy status."

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