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Two For The Price Of One
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Previously on Not So Fast, There, Toothy: Margaret and Judd yelled ineffectually at each other over his decision to team up with the former Yaxha to boot Brooke. At the reward challenge, Jamie thoroughly humiliated himself by being unable to cut through a rope, and then Bobby Jon irritated Stephenie by waggling his legs in the air in a celebratory manner. Or possibly a "gay" manner, for those of you with limited vocabularies or a desire to field hate mail from every liberal arts college within the sound of your voice. Yaxha (the current one, with Gary, Amy, and Brian) went home with a croc-proofed swimming hole, as well as with margaritas. The margaritas don't even make the previouslies, which is frankly scandalous. Stephenie continued to be the one wearing the clown suit and carrying the balloons at her own personal pity party, and Blake "amused" his tribemates with tales of his own personal amazingness. At the immunity challenge, a dull game of catapult resulted in victory for Steph, which would, one hoped, quiet her down for a while, and in a celebration for Jamie, who just wanted a tiny bit of satisfaction after the humiliating ope-ray ing-thay. It also resulted in great peril for Blake, though he never saw it coming. Ultimately, Danni and Bobby Jon voted with Gary, Amy, and Brian to send Blake back to Novelty Boobs Girl for some TLC. Thirteen people left. Let's get rid of some more!

Credits. Wait, Brianna? Who?

We return to a spooky mist murmuring, "You will watch The Ghost Whisperer, tomorrow night at 8/7 central...Jennifer Love Hewitt is a fantastic actress...the new Audrey Hepburn [Hepburn, Hepburn, Hepburn]...." And then, it is the morning of Day 15 at Camp Yaxha. Amy, resplendent in the dirtiest yellow shirt maybe ever, looking like Exhibit A in Tour de France, Inc. vs. Sacre Bleu Dry Cleaning, is staring at the fire. Farmer Beavis is trying to use his facial hair as a visual aid to figure out what the hell happened. As they return to the rather suggestive corn-pounding footage they've been favoring all season, Farmer Beavis voices over that the ouster of Blake "opened [his] eyes" about the way his "four strong" alliance doesn't seem to be so much "four strong" now that everyone on it except him either was Blake or voted against Blake. "You'll find yourself voted off, and you won't even know how the heck it happened," muses Farmer Beavis. You know, he's been substantially less cocky and Beavis-y since things began to get more difficult. Maybe he's only like that when he has access to toothpaste. Like it's a reverse-Samson thing where his weaknesses come from hygiene.

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