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Two For The Price Of One

Now, Jeff returns to Margaret, who points out, "Judd doesn't listen to anybody. Judd only listens to Judd. That's the only --" Judd proves how very, very wrong she is by cutting her off midsentence. "Let's ask the other team [sic, again] if Judd listens to anybody." He turns to Cindy. "Cindy, do I listen to anybody?" Cindy hesitates for a long moment, and then she says, "Yeah, I --" Judd cuts her off immediately, having gotten a "yeah" and clearly unconcerned that it clearly wasn't the "yeah" he was asking for, but the "yeah" that means "y'know." Judd turns on Rafe. "Okay, Rafe, do I listen to everybody?" Rafe says, "I honestly think that --" And here, for some reason, Jamie jumps in and says, "Rafe, have an opinion!" Judd continues the bullying with "Just say yes or no!" As if he has the right to demand that Rafe answer questions precisely as Judd wants them answered. Rafe explains that this is his opinion, and that he's attempting to give it. That's too many words for Judd's dinosaur-sized peanut brain to process, so he ignores Rafe and asks Stephenie whether he listens to her. Having seen him beat the shit out of the first three people involved in that exchange, Steph, Lydia, and Jamie all obediently say yes when he demands to know whether he listens to them, because that's the only way the situation isn't going to get worse. And boy, that really was a pretty magnificent ringing endorsement from the team. Clearly no communication gap there!

Because Judd just made her point for her, Margaret calmly says again, "This is what Judd does. Judd bullies, and he...that's what he does." "You're so full of it, man," Judd snaps, even though all she really is doing is describing what he just did. For the cameras. In front of everyone. Does he not get it? I guess he obviously doesn't.

With a level of caution I think is interestingly endearing, Jeff asks Rafe whether Judd intimidates him. Not wanting to be the next Margaret in Judd's abusive little routine, Rafe says that he's not -- he was intimidated by Judd at first, but Judd has been good to him. I think Rafe is well aware that he could easily be excised by the Jamie/Steph/Judd clump that I'm beginning to dislike very, very much, so he's probably doing a good thing by downplaying this particular issue. Making an enemy out of Judd by complaining that Judd is intimidating isn't going to do Rafe any favors. Steph makes some apologies for Judd by saying he's "high-strung" -- that, like her, he "can't sit still," and...that's all well and good, but none of it really has anything to do with being an asshole. Because Steph herself is a whiner, but she doesn't do this kind of yelling and blowharding, so I'm not sure why she's explaining it.

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