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Two For The Price Of One

Judd, however, even cuts off his own allies while they're defending him, so he interrupts Steph to start insisting Margaret told him on the first day that he had ADD. This goes on for-freaking-ever, and the short version is that Judd repeats about ten times that Margaret said this to him, and Margaret steadfastly says she didn't. He also stands up and yells in a way that makes it pretty clear that he no longer has control of himself here, if he ever did. If she did mention ADD to Judd, I have to say, I couldn't blame her.

Ultimately, Jeff tells Judd it's apparently not hard to tell who he's voting for, and Judd preeningly agrees. Jeff starts to try to talk about what just happened, in terms of the crazy-ass outburst, but Judd -- you know it -- cuts Jeff off now and starts talking again. (Because he has ADD, but don't tell him I said so.) Totally off his bird at this point, Judd starts babbling that the issue is all about Margaret being unhappy that she didn't get to stay with her original tribe or something, which is...not the issue at all, but Judd is just around the bend by now. ["You know who must have been the most mortified, watching this whole sequence at home? Mrs. Judd, who...well, I hope she knows what all her options are. In life. Generally." -- Wing Chun] Margaret does allow that she wasn't thrilled at Judd taking all of two hours to flip on her, Cindy, and Brooke. I think that, if asked, Margaret would admit that some of this is just anger because she's been SOL since the minute Judd flipped on her, but I think it's also that she hates getting beat by this half-wit, who's just going along with a bunch of other half-wits who can barely win challenges anyway.

Jeff asks Steph how she can trust Judd when Judd already flipped on a past tribe. Steph completely misses the point of the question by saying that they are the new tribe and blah blah, and she's right, but she's not getting at what Jeff is asking. Jeff is asking, when a guy makes it clear that he blows however the breeze blows, what makes you think it won't blow against you next? In dissing the idea of saying you're "not going to talk to" new people because they're not in your old tribe, Steph crinkles her nose and calls this notion "retarded," so she's basically gone for the twofer between last week and this week. Jeff comments on the high level of hostility and asks Cindy whether she thinks tonight's vote will help, and she says, using more words, that it might help, but only temporarily. You can tell she knows that Judd is the problem, but she also knows what's going to happen. Unfortunately, she's probably missing one of a very small number of opportunities to act.

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