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Two For The Price Of One

And now, the vote. Jamie votes. Judd votes for Margaret with a really unhealthy and creepy level of anger in his voice. That guy would make me very uneasy to live with, I'll tell you. While Margaret may be a bit bossy and know-it-all-y, there's really nothing we've seen that comes anywhere close to justifying his intense, simmering rage at her. Except, of course, for how smart she is and how unafraid of him she is. I have to say, Judd is also very happy with himself for a guy who I'm pretty sure cannot win. Cindy votes, Lydia votes, Steph votes, Margaret votes for Judd, calling him "self-righteous" and "profane" and "a bully." Yes, yes, and yes. I think she knows she's doomed, but she's doing a good job of taking a jackass's façade with her when she leaves, and God knows that's the best souvenir of all. Rafe votes.

Jeff goes off to tally. Of course, when he returns, there is one vote for Margaret and one for Judd, and then they're all for Margaret, because Nakum is kind of a bunch of pussies. I have to say, I was really disappointed that, say, Cindy, Rafe, and Lydia didn't get with Margaret to get rid of Judd, and it makes me think a little less of all of them. Some people really do need to be sliced off like warts, and Judd is one of them. And it really isn't helping me feel better about it to watch the smirkfest between Jamie and Judd -- not because they were in danger and were relieved, like Brian was last week, but because they're just assholes. In any event, Margaret is snuffed and leaves. Jeff tells them that they claimed to be getting rid of the problem in their tribe, so if they're right, it should all be smooth sailing now. Yeah. Right. He reminds them that Rafe will now move over to the jury seats, while everybody else has to head back to camp. In her vote-off interview, Margaret says that the experience was very physically challenging, and predicts problems with Judd. Heh. Me, too.

Yaxha comes marching in for tribal council. Once they're seated, Jeff lets them know why Rafe is there, how he won, and so forth. He then asks about the challenge. "Bobby Jon, what happened with you and Jamie?" Bobby Jon calls it the "heat of the moment," and he makes a lot of bullfighting references, and ultimately, it's all kind of bullshit, because really, Bobby Jon started that all by himself. Jeff asks Gary if he considers Nakum good sports. I'm sorry; I think Jeff means to ask whether he considers Nakum good sportsmanships. Gary says that, for the most part he does, but every now and then, Jamie does a little trash-talking. Jeff asks Brian about working inside his head and about now being asked to be athletic. In fairness, Jeff is talking to Brian like he's...well, like he's Rafe, with the spaghetti legs, which he really isn't. Brian defends himself as basically a decent athlete, so he thinks he's capable of bringing either the mental or the physical, as required.

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