Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble

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Two For The Price Of One

Jeff asks Bobby Jon for his opinion of Brian. "If you want to find a kamikaze that's going to bust a wedge, this is the man that's going to do it right here." I don't even know what that means, really, but Bobby Jon makes it sound like it has to do with being a big thinker. Kamikaze...bust...wedge. Or something. Bobby Jon says that Brian is "just a good old boy. He'd be a great neighbor." Jeff asks Danni if she would have believed she'd ever hear Bobby Jon call Brian "a good old boy." Which...good point. Heh. Danni says that they all originally thought Brian was "strong," but she also comments that he's "a gentleman." They're sort of buttering him up for the slaughter, but my impression is that these compliments are pretty sincere as well. "He's strong, he's smart, but he is a classy, classy guy," Danni says. Brian grins.

Jeff asks about Amy's bum ankle. She insists it got "tweaked," but that it's not too bad. Jeff asks Farmer Beavis about Amy's ankle and the way she rallied, and he prattles on for a while about how impressed he was. He likes how she went out the last time "limpin' and cussin'." Heh. Farmer Beavis "was like, man." Because it's certainly the week for being "like, man." Farmer Beavis says that what he likes to see from people is effort. Now it's Amy's turn to grin.

Jeff asks Bobby Jon how he's going to vote when it doesn't seem like there's an obvious target. Bobby Jon agrees that they don't really have anybody they're anxious to vote off, and I think that's essentially true. He says that everybody has given their all at challenges and at camp, and that you nevertheless have to get rid of somebody. I hate to say it, but when that somebody is Bobby Jon, I'll be ready. ["Fired." -- Wing Chun]

Now, Jeff unveils the last Rafe-related twist. As it turns out, Rafe has the chance to give immunity to one person. He'll wander off and put the name in the jar, and then he'll take off. Rafe goes off and writes something. Then he leaves his immunity necklace and takes off.

Now, it's time for Yaxha to vote, because they're not finding out who's immune until after the vote. Gary votes. Brian votes for Bobby Jon, saying, "This would be the 'outwit' part of 'outwit, outplay, outlast.'" Yeah, Bobby Jon kind of deserves that one, although I think Brian is also making reference to what he hopes -- and maybe thinks -- is going to be a successful crazy scheme to split the votes from the three former Nakum folks. Brandon votes. Amy votes. Bobby Jon votes for Brian, with nothing but kind words. Danni votes. Jeff goes off to tally.

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