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Two For The Price Of One

When he returns, the first vote is for Bobby Jon. Then one for Brian. Then another one for Brian. Then another one for Brian. Then another one for Brian. Sniffle. His only shot is that he got immunity from Rafe, but when that card is read, it turns out that Rafe gave immunity to Gary. Which was the perfect play, by the way. Failing to give immunity to one of the former Yaxha would needlessly alienate them and cut Rafe off from one option he might have at the merge. But giving it to Amy or Brian, if Rafe has the scent in the wind at all, could potentially affect the vote. And absent some very compelling strategic reason, I believe what you want at this point is not to get in the way or make any noise with your intervention. All you can do is make people angry, and the one person you save is probably not long for the world anyway.

Brian gets up and shakes everyone's hand immediately, making one of the truest no-hard-feelings exits ever, and he accepts his snuffing bravely. Jeff tries to give the tribe shit for making Brian feel good and then cutting his throat, which...what were they supposed to do? Insult him and then vote him off? That would be better? Jeff is an idiot.

In his interview, Brian says he played hard and went out fighting, and that he's glad he didn't see it coming. It's a classy exit -- good for him.

Next week: Amy says that Gary better not be an NFL quarterback. Somebody comes to see Nakum.

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