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Back at camp, Rafe asks Margaret how she's feeling, and Margaret says she's simply "wiped." Even sweet Rafe, who clearly cringes at making a negative remark about anyone, admits that as hard as it is to stay positive, it's harder when somebody like Margaret is walking around being a sad sack. Or a pouting sack, or whatever it is she's being. Rafe chalks it up to Margaret's extreme reaction to Brooke's being voted off and, logically, the Judd flip. He says that the other six of them (himself, Steph, Judd, Jamie, Cindy, and Lydia) get along well, and Margaret is just sort of there. "Fading out," as Rafe says. I think I'd tend to "fade out" if I were around Judd, too. Or else Judd's eyeballs would fade out as a result of excessive poking.

Judd gives his teammates a little speech in which he says that Margaret is probably all bummed because she's on a tribe with him instead of with the other guys. As for Margaret herself, she admits in an interview that it hasn't been easy adjusting, because she used to be better placed within the tribe than she is now. I think she felt at the original Nakum like she was in with enough people that she'd be safe for a while, and now she knows precisely where the lines are drawn, and she knows Judd can't stand her, and she knows Judd is in with Steph and Jamie and so forth, so she knows there's probably very little she can do to save herself. Judd says, "You have somebody that has a sore thumb walking around camp, man." "Has a sore thumb"? Does he mean she sticks out like a sore thumb? I'm not sure he does, because he goes on to make it sound like he's saying she has a negative attitude, so that makes even less sense. Quiet down, Judd. I can't understand what's going on when you talk.

We make our way to a challenge course of some kind, where Probst awaits in his dweeby hat, next to a blanket that is covering, presumably, some sort of a reward. Nakum is brought in, and then Yaxha is brought in. Steph grins when she sees that Blake was voted out, which: of course. She's working on what may well be a five-person group she can take into the merge. She's logically going to want other possible natural alliances broken up as quickly as possible, plus Blake was an individual immunity problem. Aside from Bobby Jon the So Gay Girl-Screamer, Blake is probably the person Steph would have most enjoyed seeing gone.

Jeff takes back the immunity idol from Nakum, which brought it along. He explains that he's glad they brought it like they were supposed to, even though it doesn't play a part in the challenge. He'll explain later, so don't ask questions. Do not! Today's challenge involves rolling a giant ball. Each team puts two people on one side of the ball, and they push against each other, trying to roll it over a goal line. So it's partly just pushing really hard and it's partly strategy on how you might move the ball to get it going. They'll play a round with two women, then a round with two men, then one of each, and repeat. First tribe to score three goals wins reward. And what's the reward? It's a cookout, complete with grill, meat, rolls, and -- of course -- beer and root beer. Because we would not want to imply that you have to drink beer in order to have a good time. Sometimes, you just want a root-beer sort of good time, and Jeff Probst is here for you. That's the good news, as Jeff explains. The bad news is that both tribes are going to tribal council tonight and each is getting rid of someone. Yes, this is double-elimination week in Guatemala. And because there's no team immunity, it's being replaced with an individual immunity challenge in which the winning team only will compete after the reward challenge. Whichever person wins immunity during that challenge will not only have immunity, but will also win the right to sit in on the other team's tribal council, which I really think...isn't such hot stuff. I would barely find my own team's tribal councils interesting, let alone anyone else's.

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