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Two For The Price Of One

But there is no rest for Amy, because the next round is all women, and Nakum only has the two women, so she has to go again. Jeff asks her if she's all right. "You ready to go?" he wonders. "Not really, but I'm going to do it," she says. And so she does, lining up with Danni to take on Cindy and Margaret. Nakum is up 2-1, so if Cindy and Margaret can beat the Hobbler, they'll take the victory for their team. Amy is very, very slow in even getting to the ball, but Danni keeps Cindy and Margaret at bay until she gets there. Ultimately, Cindy gets herself out of position, and once Danni and Amy turn the corner, it's over. Cindy and Margaret are outweighed, but that one was more an issue, like I said, of getting caught out of position. And Amy turns around and clenches her fists and yells, "YAAAH!," and she's really one of the only people to ever deserve to do it. That lady is a bad-ass.

So now, with the score locked at 2-2, and Amy resting her weary ankle, we go to a battle between Judd and Jamie on one side and Bobby Jon and Brian on the other. Everybody plays the round tough, but Judd and Jamie outweigh Bobby Jon and Brian by about a million pounds, and it seems to be ultimately just too much to make up for. So Nakum wins the cookout, and Steph jumps up and wraps her legs around Judd (YUCK), and Bobby Jon looks plain old miserable, because all his hooting didn't do a whole lot of good. If he had won, you just know there'd be no celebrating. Jeff sends poor, sad Yaxha back to camp, because all they have left is tribal council. Losers!

Nakum, on the other hand, now has to play in this wonderful individual immunity challenge. Recapping back-to-back challenges! Has anything ever been so exciting? No, I tell you. No. Jeff reminds the group that someone is about to win individual immunity from tonight's vote. Jeff shows off the immunity necklace, and then explains that each person will run out to collect three bags of letter tiles, which are tied closed, and which they have to retrieve one at a time. Then, each will stand at his station, open the bags, and use the tiles to spell out a two-word phrase. First person to get the phrase wins immunity. Clear? Good.

Ready...go! What you may or may not notice about the beginning of this challenge is that bags are returned in almost perfect order of the littleness/delicacy of fingers: Steph, Cindy, Margaret, Lydia, Rafe, Jamie, Judd. Steph, Cindy, Margaret, Rafe, Lydia, Jamie. Then all, with Judd in last, wind up back at their stations, untying their bags of tiles. Judd has trouble even untying the bag, because he has the big meaty paws, but as it turns out, he is standing next to Rafe, and is looking over Rafe's shoulder. Now, you'll remember that, on many occasions, they've made people work in little booths with walls so that they don't cheat off each other's papers, but apparently, that isn't the case unless they say it is, because Judd starts giving Rafe -- who got very close on his own, in fairness -- the answer, in an urgent low tone. "'Ancient ruin,'" Judd says. "'Ancient ruin.'" And with that, Rafe wins the challenge and gets individual immunity. Aw. Rafe is cute. That's an okay outcome, all things considered. I think Steph winning would have made for an unpleasant outbreak of Steph brimming with smugness, while anyone else other than Steph or Judd (ew) winning would have made for an unpleasant outbreak of Steph sniffling with misery. Rafe thanks Judd, who makes a big show of how awesome he is for knowing the answer, of course. "Next time, I've gotta keep my mouth shut, man," Judd says, obviously not serious. He does manage to say it, though, just as if he actually maintains conscious control over whether he keeps his mouth shut or not, which he fairly clearly does not. Jeff gives him a little ribbing about giving Rafe the answer, and then puts the necklace around Rafe's neck. He tells them to go enjoy their "barbecue feast," and they take off. Steph is the luckiest girl in the world!

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