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Two For The Price Of One

Jeff then turns to Jamie to ask about what exactly was going on in the chest-bumping between him and Bobby Jon. Jamie pretty much says that Bobby Jon yelled at him first. And here you thought he wouldn't have a good answer.

And then Jeff kicks off the follies by asking Margaret whether the tribe has good sportsmanship. She says that Judd is "vocal" and Jamie is "expressive." So the implication is certainly there, but she's not being too over-the-top nasty about it, given what she was asked. Because Judd is making faces like he's going to blow up, Jeff asks him what his problem is. Judd insists he doesn't know what Margaret could possibly mean. "It's not like we're being bad sportsmanships [sic]," he says. He insists that it's just a matter of "giving it [his] damn all, man." Wait, irrelevant! Not that I'd expect him to get that. Jeff, of course, does get it, and says that giving it 100% doesn't make you either a good or a bad sport. Judd doesn't agree. "A win's a win, man," he says. He says "man" a bunch more times, until I start to feel like he's not even talking to me, while he explains how all this winning gives them more energy, blah dee blah. Jamie starts rubbing Judd's shoulder at one point, because they are totally dating, and Judd just keeps rambling on about how they "keep driving and driving," but it's not meant to be hot or anything. When Margaret makes the mistake of saying "Judd?," Judd turns on her and starts ranting that she probably never played a sport, so she doesn't know, blah blah. "So, you know, you should just shut up," he blusters. Margaret, cool as a cuke, says, "This is what happens all the time, though. When Judd gets vocal, Judd plows over anybody in front of him, he trash-talks anybody he doesn't like, and that's not good sportsmanship."

Jeff comments on Judd's apparent seething rage toward Margaret. Judd says that he doesn't consider himself "a bad sportsmanship." Considering that he clearly doesn't even know that sportsmanship is an attitude and not a human being, I'm not sure he can be considered much of an expert on it. In fact, it makes me strongly suspicious that Judd has never discussed sportsmanship with anyone, ever, which he probably should have at some point. Judd goes on to rail that he loves the whole team, except for Margaret. Asked whether the hostility between Judd and Margaret worries her, Cindy says it concerns everyone, because it creates "negativity" in what are already pretty close quarters. I think Cindy is just about the person I feel most sorry for, here. Cindy and Rafe. They just want everybody to stop yelling, you can tell. It's like being at Thanksgiving with the worst set of relatives you can imagine.

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