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Judd and Brooke go for a walk, and she talks about how relatively well she's doing. She tells us in an interview that she's bummed that someone has to leave when none of them deserves to. None of the women should go, she explains, given the endurance they've shown. We watch as Brooke chitchats with some others about how "Bobby Jon was the sickest yesterday," as if they're considering voting him off. Which they had better not be.

And then? The return of the Screaming Bear Monkey. I hate that thing.

Farmer Brandon interviews that they might have to vote off one of the "crippled, broke-down guys," going on to suggest that he's not even sure half of the people on his tribe will make it. He is officially the first person in the comeuppance line, that's for sure. Margaret gives some water to Jim, and then offers an interview in which she says that strategizing about voting while several people are partially dead isn't easy. Of course, it's also sort of unnecessary when one of the injured is the old guy anyway. She makes a comment about how all three of the worst-off guys -- Jim, Blake, and Bobby Jon -- are great people, but that "it's all about who can help carry this team forward." Jim! Keep Jim! He's got enough heart for three arms!

Later. Tribal council. The tribe descends on a defenseless ruin. Or, as Wing suspects, "ruin." ["I just don't believe Guatemala would let the production crew mess around on anything of genuine archeological significance." -- Wing Chun] Jeff makes them all grab torches. Fire is life, blah bling blah. I don't know how he can stand to look at himself in the mirror anymore. He starts by telling them that they are in authentic ruins where leaders would "decide the fate of their people." He goes on: "Couldn't be a more fitting spot for tribal council." And I totally agree, as long as you replace "fitting" with "totally inappropriate." He first asks about the very difficult opening task, and asks Blake for thoughts. Blake, unsurprisingly, stops puking just long enough to reflect on how sick everyone was. Jeff asks Bobby Jon how it went for him, as if Jeff doesn't know. "I don't like gettin' beat down like that," Bobby Jon offers. He says he knows he could go tonight, and that he hopes he won't, but that he recognizes that few people get two chances like he's getting. I hope he doesn't remind the rest of his team of that too many times. Jeff asks Danni whether she was surprised at how the young guys went down. She says that she was surprised, but then she gives a little speech about how men have more physical strength, but women have more endurance. That's certainly better than the flat-out "men are stronger" thing she hit us with at the opening of the episode. She adds that the guys were also carrying a lot of the stuff.

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