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Jeff moves on to Judd, asking whether finding himself laid out made him wonder if he was in trouble. Judd, officially the most spazzy person ever in an opening tribal council, insists that he wasn't that badly screwed up in the first place. Only for an hour! What are you saying? He was not! He did not! You take that back! I think you need to be flat on your back! "I don't know what to tell you! I'm ready to do a back flip if you want me to!" I'm so very tired of him already, I have to say. "I just asked a simple question," Jeff points out cuttingly. And correctly. Jeff asks about the immunity challenge. He wants to know what's up with Jim's arm, and Jim repeats that it's in an improvised sling, because he snapped his muscle on the boat. Jeff moves on to Margaret, asking her what she's thinking as far as what the tribe needs to do in order to be more successful. Margaret says that they're all trying to figure out how to pace themselves and save their energy.

Time for voting. Blake votes. Judd votes, saying, "You're one of the toughest dudes I've met." Bobby Jon votes. Danni votes. Brooke votes: "I know you're a fighter, and I know you don't want to quit." Cindy votes. Margaret votes.

Jeff is off to tally. Tally, Jeff, tally! All the votes he reads are for Jim, so that will do it for the old guy. That was...not very close. If you didn't know they were voting off the old guy with the snapped arm, I'm putting you in the remedial class, where you will clean erasers, sequestered with Wanda for all eternity. Jim leaves, and Jeff basically tells them that it seems like their challenge will be trying not to keel over before the thirty-nine days are up. (Roughly translated.) He sends them back to camp.

My TiVo decided to cut out before the final speech and the promo for next week, but I can tell you this much: Jim voted for Margaret. Jerk.

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