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Back over at Nakum as Day 2 drags on, things are not as cheery as you might expect. Because the first thing we see is the yellow tribe flag, but the first thing we hear is...hurling. Coming, specifically, from Blake, whom Margaret asks how he's doing. We have the joy of actually seeing some yellowish stuff come right out of Blake's yawp, so thanks for that, Emmy-nominated post-production types. With just the gagging, I definitely wouldn't have gotten the point. Margaret tells us that the trip through the jungle was very dehydrating for people, and we see that Judd is also bent over throwing up. And again, we are treated to a lovely visual of the absolute fountain of what fortunately looks like mostly water issuing forth. Jim throws up. I'm really not feeling that well myself.

And, of course, we still have Bobby Jon, currently lying flat on his back, looking like he's about 10% attached to reality and 90% enjoying the scenery in what would for a luckier person be a land of prescription painkillers. In fact, Margaret now comes over to check on Bobby Jon, and he's right on the edge of passing out, which you can tell from the way his eyes keep rolling back in his head. Eeeeew. Margaret keeps saying Bobby Jon's name, and he keeps trying so hard to stay with her and focus, and he can't, and it's verrrry creepy. I don't want to see that much of the private areas of anyone's eyeballs. Some things are only meant to be displayed to your own retinas. Brooke asks Margaret if she should pour some water on Bobby Jon's face, and Margaret says yes, because he really is about three seconds from passing out if Margaret stops saying his name. So Brooke hits him with a little water. Bobby Jon expresses his gratitude in an interview in which he says, "If it hadn't been for Margaret, I really felt I might have had a seizure." And I'm inclined to agree. "It's a nightmare," he says. "Palau was recess compared to Guatemala." It certainly does look that way to me. Somehow, I'm not thinking Kim would have made it eleven miles through the jungle in the first place. Margaret comments in an interview about how all the guys are dropping like flies, despite being gigantically strong. In other news, Bobby Jon's foot currently looks like it is made of cottage cheese wrapped in white tissue paper. Eeeeew.

Margaret tells Danni that they just need to be going around and passing out water to the sick. It's turning into a Civil War movie, kind of, and we're right on the verge of the bandage-rolling. Cindy explains that the whole thing had become "bittersweet," because on one hand, they had won the challenge and gotten the better camp. On the other hand, half the team was dead. "If we lose them, it's not even worth having all of this," she comments. It's nice to know she doesn't think a nicer camp is worth a bunch of people looking like they've accidentally spent a little too much time on the set of Survivor Exsanguinated.

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