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Booted If You Do, Booted If You Don't

Rafe and Steph take a walk in which he says he thinks they have a much better chance against Danni than against Cindy in F3, and that's actually a valid argument, and I wish he'd stick with that one. Rafe also insists that either of them will lose against Cindy but not against Danni, which...huh? Danni seems to be by far the most well-liked person left, and she almost definitely would have Bobby Jon and Gary's votes against anyone left. Lydia is more likely to vote for Danni than Cindy, and I suspect that Judd is, too, just based on personalities. This part of Rafe's argument appears to be kind of ridiculous, really. Steph points out that if she votes off Cindy, then that's just another person on the jury who's going to think she was backstabbed by Steph, meaning that Jamie, Judd, and Cindy would all refuse to vote for Steph because she got rid of them. ["On the other hand, there's not one person on the jury that Steph didn't put there, so I don't know what makes Cindy so special in that regard." -- Wing Chun] Rafe insists that they don't exactly have a deal with Cindy, which is goofy, because they all talked about their expected F4 back before Judd got booted off. Steph explains to us that she raised this point with Rafe -- that it might not be smart to vote off another member of their own alliance who will hold it against them. Steph says that, at the same time, Cindy is a huge threat who "has a car, at least." Ugh. She says she just doesn't know what will happen at tribal council.

Interestingly, Steph goes right to Cindy with this business from Rafe, probably because, that way, Cindy will blame Rafe and not Steph if it happens the way it looks like it might. Cindy's extremely dark roots are on display as she grinds corn and Steph explains to her how Rafe would rather face Danni than Cindy. Cindy counters that she's not the threat -- Rafe is the threat, having won a bunch of challenges. Cindy interviews that she thinks getting rid of Rafe would be the best move, because he's such a threat in challenges. "And I think the girls would have a much better shot at winning this," she adds with a smile. Well, yes. The odds would certainly...improve somewhat.

Later, sitting around with Danni and Steph, Cindy tells them that if they get rid of her, they'll be keeping the strongest competitor in the game, and indicates Rafe: "He's going to beat you guys in all the challenges." Steph insists that she knows Rafe's the strongest and has told him so. "He can beat any of us in the immunities; we already know that," Cindy says. Despite the fact that Danni has already won immunity, Steph has already won immunity, Cindy has been a top finisher in several challenges and won twice, and Rafe hasn't exactly been on a white-hot winning streak lately. "Smartest thing to do would be to eliminate him," Cindy says to Steph and Danni, neither of whom is considering doing that.

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