Big Win, Big Decision, Big Mistake?

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Booted If You Do, Booted If You Don't

Tribal council. They all enter and are seated. Here comes the jury. Bobby Jon is all in pink. The main thing one notices about Judd is that he really isn't as distasteful when clean-shaven. He's also a lot smaller than he was when he arrived, that's for sure. I'm sorry -- I mean, "that's for sure, man." Jeff mentions how there are five left, and that Steph will be in F4. Asked about the mood at camp, Rafe says that other than Steph, no one feels safe, least of all him, given the string of guys on the jury. Danni says that, for her part, she's never felt comfortable anyway, so this is just par for the course for her.

Jeff asks Cindy about the curse and the car, and how she chose not to give up her car. Does she still feel confident? Cindy says that she doesn't think it was the wrong choice, because there are no guarantees about what might happen. She makes the valid point that part of the reason this "curse" exists is that the people who win it tend to be strong competitors who then get voted out by other people. Jeff asks her who she thinks is a competitor and a threat, and she calls out Rafe, based on past performance. "He's good at everything, and people like him," she says, although people like him much less this week, if by "people," you mean "me."

Steph says that she will be keeping the immunity necklace. Cindy is the first to vote, and she votes for Rafe, calling him a "tough competitor" and saying she's voting him out because people like him. Steph votes. Lydia votes, saying, "What a terrific person you are. But you're very athletic, very competitive, and very intelligent. And I'm voting with the tribe." Danni votes. Rafe votes for Cindy, claiming to "love" her (not), but saying that he has to vote her out because she blows like the wind or something. It's kind of stupid.

Jeff goes off to "tally." First vote is for Rafe. Then Cindy, Cindy, and Cindy. So that will do it for our zookeeper. As she gets her torch, she says, "I'll think about you guys when I see the stars through the sunroof of my new car." Bleh. Unnecessary. Over on the jury, Judd pumps his fist, and it's not clear whether he's happy she was booted, or happy she got in a dig at the rest of them. I tend to think it was the latter. Cindy is snuffed, and she leaves.

Jeff says nothing of value, and then he sends them all home.

Sunday: final four. Will Steph become the unlikeliest winner ever? Will Rafe give everyone all his worldly possessions? Will Danni foil the giant alliance she started off against? Will Lydia...nah. That won't happen.

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