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Rafe claims in his interview that, when Judd left, it was like the only "cool kid" remaining was gone, so everyone else could let his or her inner dork out. This apparently takes the form of an eye-crossing contest, which...I admit, is pretty dorky. Although Judd did participate in a cartwheel contest, which is not exactly cool-kid behavior -- at least not when the cool kid is a beefy dude and not a spindly cheerleader. Lydia adds that Rafe is "a real gentle type of male," and that he "fits right in with" the women. Eh. I could have lived without the "he's so gay, he's practically a girl!" celebration, but, whatever. It's also interesting how Rafe's seeing Rafe's Angels, while Lydia more thinks that they're all angels together in search of a Charlie. The nerdfest continues as Steph and Rafe discuss Justin Timberlake, Steph's opinion that Timberlake is hot, and Rafe's correction that he was in *N SYNC and not The Backstreet Boys. Rafe offers his rendition of "I Want It That Way," apparently the result of some kind of grand dissection of boy bands that I'm sort of sad we missed. Usually, I have no defense against guys who can actually sing that song as if it's a real song and they're not embarrassed by it, but Rafe doesn't really commit, and if you're going to sing that song, you have to commit. Rafe claims to have relationships with all the four women "on a close, personal level." But not like that, of course. That would be a great scenario for F5 some season, though. He says he hopes these close relationships will get him through the game, as we look at a shot of him taken through the legs of one of the women. No, really. They frame his face with her legs. Sort of, "Miss Stephenie, are you trying to seduce me?"

Rafe and Danni go together to open the treemail, and to what should really be no one's surprise at this point, the clue is nothing but a ropelike tchotchke with a car key hanging from it. Steph talks about her excitement that the reward is a car. She tells us that she's never had one, and that she's "in desperate need of a car." For her part, Lydia wants to win it and give it to her seventeen-year-old son, which I think is crazy. Give him the beater, Lydia! Take the new car for yourself! He's only going to wrap it around a tree! You won't be able to afford the insurance! It's kind of lame how they all act so wigged-out excited over the car, because they give away a car every year right around this point, so it's not exactly a big shock. It's sort of like getting to the final tribal council and going, "A million dollars? Eeeeee!" Anyway, Steph mentions quietly to Rafe that the two of them seem to be the only two who don't have cars. Cindy: "It's not a good time for me to try not to chew my nails." Heh.

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