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Booted If You Do, Booted If You Don't

And now, to the challenge clearing, where Jeff awaits. He is standing in front of a boxy black SUV. For the car, they'll be playing the famous "second chance" challenge where, rather than rehashing challenges from earlier seasons as they usually do, they'll rehash challenges from earlier this season. They'll start by going across a balance beam and untying three sets of clubs. The first three across will go to the next round, which involves throwing a club and hitting a tile. First two to break their tiles go to the final round, where you have to assemble a puzzle based on the Maya calendar. When you've got your puzzle solved, you get in a cart, chop the rope that holds the cart, and ride down the hill. And the car is a 2006 Pontiac Torrent, which I admit is not the coolest of vehicles, but which I would not kick out of bed for eating crackers if it were free. The winner will also spend the night at an archeologist's camp hearing a lot of boring stories about science and history and stuff, which sounds like the beginning of a dirty movie, kind of, but not the kind of dirty it would be if it involved these people. On the plus side: food! And booze! Specifically, a "barbecue feast." I always feel people cringing all across the American south when Jeff says that. Like, "Grilling steak and sausages is not a barbecue feast!" I don't think any actual barbecue feast has ever featured rum instead of beer, either.

Ready...go! First, across the balance beam. Steph gets off to a good start, as she often does in challenges before failing miserably. Jeff reminds them that if they fall off, they have to go back to the start. Steph is slightly in the lead as everyone moves to his or her second set of clubs. Steph falls off and has to go back to the beginning, as do Lydia and Rafe, and then Cindy, putting Steph back in the mix. Danni is the first to finish, followed by Cindy and then, just edging out Rafe, Stephenie. First two to break their tiles will go to the final. Cindy gets her tile first, so then it's down to Danni and Steph. Steph breaks hers first, so it's Steph and Cindy in the final. Steph still sucks at puzzles. She really still does. She does a valiant job of staying in it, but ultimately, you don't have to be an ancient Maya mystic to know that Cindy is destined to beat Steph in a puzzle challenge, and ultimately, she does. Cindy hops into her cart, and to the strains of Lydia muttering, "Go, Cindy!," Cindy chops the rope and rides her cart downhill. In the aftermath of Cindy's victory, Jeff gathers everyone and hands an ecstatic Cindy her keys, and he reminds her that she's also got the feast to look forward to. She gets the right to invite one person, as well.

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