Big Win, Big Decision, Big Mistake?

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Booted If You Do, Booted If You Don't

For her part, Lydia tells Rafe that her thought was, "Cindy, keep the car, you deserve it, you won rightfully." Danni agrees with this as well, saying something about having heard Cindy say she needed a car. But Rafe is determined to make this into something it isn't, so he goes back to his communist argument, saying, "I was just thinking, four people can have a car, or one person..." Of course, he's one of the four, not the one. It's so easy to dictate morality and "greatest good for the greatest number" when it's not coming out of your ass, you know? ["Except I really think that, if their positions were reversed, Rafe would have given everyone the cars. I don't think it's so much that he feels he was entitled to the car as that he just can't fathom being the one who gets the car instead of the one who gives cars to four other people. I do think there's some sour grapes here, obviously, but that he is also sincere in saying what his choice would have been, and given what we learned about Rafe this season, I buy what he's saying here." -- Wing Chun] Rafe then says in an interview that he would never have been able to vote Cindy out if she had given them all cars. Which, if true, makes him a wuss of the first order, because if you're going to play this game, you play it to win, and not playing to win is for wusses. You don't keep people in because they gave you a material reward -- that's dumb, and hardly admirable. "But now," Rafe says, "you never know what's going to happen."

Steph and Cindy eat their dinner. As they finish up, the archeologist comes back, and he starts to tell them lots of interesting things about the Maya. Steph wants to know if they really ate this much corn. Hee. I loved that question. It's like she can't believe this isn't all just a big Burnett stunt, because nobody could eat this much corn. The guy says that they did, and she visibly blanches, like she cannot imagine. She probably has several reasons she wouldn't have wanted to be born among the Maya, including the low availability of hair-care products, but this is certainly among those reasons. He tells them what Yaxha means, and tells them lots of interesting things, but Cindy says that she was distracted by her beautiful car the entire time. Oh, the siren song of the Pontiac Torrent.

When the archeologist's finished with the storytelling, Cindy and Steph carry a tray of food over to a little tent of netting, and they sit and eat and talk about strategy. The basic upshot is that while Steph really likes Danni, both Cindy and Steph recognize Danni as a threat, vote-wise, so they're thinking they'll vote her out next. "If she went further than me, that would suck," Steph says. "Or you, or Rafe." Steph takes the position that they should go farther because they had numbers at the merge, which is idiotic, really, because you could just as easily argue Danni should go farther for having survived without an alliance to rely on. Steph points out, probably knowing that Rafe likes Danni, that all that's needed to get rid of Danni would be her, Cindy, and Lydia. She wants, however, to include Rafe if possible. They agree that they'll bring this up to Rafe back at camp. Steph's position is that "Rafe's a smart kid; he'll be fine with it." That's what she thinks.

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