Blackmail Or Betrayal

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Previously on HA HA HA!: "Dreamz" let the Earl-liance in on the fact that Mookie had an immunity idol, and Alex was targeted. But then he told Mookie and Alex that Alex was targeted, and Mookie gave the idol to Alex. Then he told the Earl-liance that Mookie gave the idol to Alex, so Mookie was targeted again. Stacy decided that this was too much back-and-forth to trust anything, so Edgardo was targeted. "Dreamz" wasn't told, or the cycle presumably would have gone on forever. ("Now Edgardo has the idol! Now They're targeting Mookie again! Mookie has the idol! They're targeting Alex!") In a most brilliant display of your best-laid plans peeing on your leg, Edgardo went home. Eight people are left. Who will be eliminated next, and what will Alex and Mookie do that will be completely awesome?

Bula Bula, Night 27. The tribe is returning from the Greatest Tribal Council Of All Time, not that all of them see it quite that way. The usual bat hangs on his usual branch, squeaking, "Can you believe these people? I totally knew Mookie would give Alex the idol, that moron." Mookie and Alex are, as it happens, currently discussing their situation, in that Mookie is telling Alex that they're done and will inevitably be the next ones removed from the game. They're also concluding quite astutely that they were "double-crossed" by "Dreamz." Alex thinks that "Dreamz" might have been "playing [them] all along." And I have to say...I don't think so. I don't think he's that calculating. I think he just...does stuff. He does stuff, and then he's like, "Hey, that worked!" And then he figures that next time he gets the chance to do stuff, he totally should. Mookie explains in an interview that "Dreamz" betrayed the "four horsemen." Fortunately, that appellation is pretty much a thing of the past after this. Now it's the "two dipwads," which doesn't sound as much like you'd want to embroider it on a jacket.

Elsewhere, "Dreamz" is a little concerned over not having been in on what was happening, so he's assuring Stacy that he's "not a liar." She reassures him that the only reason they didn't tell him what they were doing in switching to Edgardo was that they feared that the other "horsemen" might have been giving him bad information. If you think about it, that wouldn't really justify not telling him, but it seems to convince "Dreamz." "That was smart," "Dreamz" says admiringly. "It felt safer with Edgardo," Earl adds, clearly still buzzed from the adrenaline of that vote, and "Dreamz" agrees. In an interview, "Dreamz" says that indeed, when it first happened, he feared that they didn't trust him. But then, he decided that what they did was pretty smart after all. "Now the power is pretty much on our side," Earl says confidently. In fact, he says, there are now "two people just waiting on death row." Yow. Stacy sees things a little differently, and has switched the same treatment she used to dish out to "Dreamz" and Cassandra over to Alex and Mookie: "They'll be lucky if they get fed," she says dismissively.

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