Blackmail Or Betrayal

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When we see the squares that have been chosen, it turns out that only Alex has not gone diagonally -- he's gone horizontally instead. "Dreamz" takes the first shot, which hits Boo and Alex...and "Dreamz" himself. Good one. The way the markers actually fall on the course is that Jeff cranks up a torch that shoots fire up the pole marking the square, and each name plaque hanging there is gradually dropped when its thread burns. Dramatic! Cassandra hits Yau Man and...herself. The hell? Whatever. There's not that much to say about this challenge, because I'm not sure anyone is playing all that strategically. Stacy has a highlight when she takes a square that's already been picked. But then she has a real highlight when she wins the challenge by choosing a square that she selected herself, but that the only other two remaining players -- Alex and Yau Man -- also selected, so she knocks them both out while she knocks out only her second of three posts. Jeff calls this "a good strategic move," which it maybe was. Anyway, she wins individual immunity. Alex shakes his head. How could this have happened to him? HOW? The group heads back to camp.

Back from commercials, we are at Bula Bula on Day 30. Mookie and Alex share some of the Fruit Of The Condemned. Alex admits in an interview that he doesn't really have much left that he can do, but he's still fighting. These guys agree that they "have nothing to be but honest." Yeah, I'm sure their truth-telling will change everything. The problem that these guys have, really, is that they've been soundly thumped by a bunch of mostly nice people who are being mostly up-front with each other, and who are led by people they like who are not secretly working to screw them. There's not a lot to say. You lost. Go home. Alex is determined to "cause some hell." In fact, he says, "If I'm going down, I'm bringing hell with me." You're...bringing hell down? He needs to work on his vague threats, I'd say. Alex does the whole "I'm a lawyer" thing, which was my least favorite thing ever during the time I was one myself, and which never makes you sound good unless you're making fun of yourself or other lawyers, which he is not, but which I assure you I currently am. Alex insists that as a lawyer (which he is), he's used to "using information strategically." Which is so completely the polar opposite of what he did throughout this episode that it does become actually laughable. He's convinced that he can make all these people believe that "Yau Man can't be trusted." Yeah. Take that one to the bank, punk. Alex says that his argument will be, "These are the people you've aligned yourself with? Draw your own conclusions." Great argument: "Oh my God, you guys have aligned yourselves with Yau Man and Earl? How do you live with yourselves!"

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