Blackmail Or Betrayal

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Credits. They're short-form, and as my Music Stylist pointed out this weekend, you can really tell that they haven't shown the long-form credits that many times this season, just based on the fact that I didn't really fixate on Boo's eyes until last week. Incidentally, while we're discussing betrayal, as we will be during this episode, you should all know that said Music Stylist slammed my entire hand in a minivan door last Thursday night, leaving temporary dents in all my fingers. I'm lucky I can still type. It's amazing how long it can take to spit out the words, "You need to open your door, because my fingers are entirely slammed in the door and I'm sort of paralyzed with pain." But he eventually opened the door after what seemed like about an hour and a half. Then, we went to a really great concert. Download that show, and wait for a song called "Leave," and you will officially know what the last thing was that made me cry. Because it came after my fingers were slammed in the door. Where was I? Oh, right. Betrayal.

Bula Bula, Day 28. Folks are waking up, and Alex and Mookie are hanging out together, realizing that bitterness tastes best when you down it next to your best bud. Specifically, they discuss the fact that they hate "Dreamz" now, and they have nothing to say to him. Mookie specifically dislikes the fact that "Dreamz" hasn't come over to make some kind of overture of, presumably, bowing and scraping. As one Jonathan Penner recently pointed out, however, you can't expect too much from a guy whose nickname not only is stupid, but means stupid. As if you need another diversion already, you'll find that post on the Survivors Strike Back Blog at, which has become weirdly awesome this season, thanks to the contributions of a rather unlikely band of bloggers: Cook Islands President Beefcake, Guatemala Brian, and, of course, Jonathan. These three dudes are basically sitting back throwing spitwads at the TV and saying precisely what they think, and I highly recommend it. ANYWAY.

In one of the greatest moments of the week and probably of the season, "Dreamz" comes over to Mookie and Alex and says, "Why y'all ain't hanging out no more?" I mean, you think you've seen gumption, and then you see...this. Alex is all, "Why do you think, man?" And here, "Dreamz" actually attempts to argue that he did not flip. Seriously! He insists that the fact that he voted for Mookie while everybody else voted for Edgardo means that he's just as much a victim as they are. And it's like what he's saying is so spectacularly ridiculous that for a minute, it looks like it might be working.'s Alex and Mookie, you know? They're not geniuses, as we already know. They're completely confused by what he's saying. Alex and Mookie also don't understand the vote, as they seem to think "Dreamz" voted for Edgardo. Who they think voted for Mookie is a mystery, but they're talking about how, had he voted for Cassandra, it would have been a 4-4 vote between Edgardo and Cassandra. He clarifies that he voted for Mookie, and this doesn't help his cause too much. What "Dreamz" tries to claim, ultimately, is that he was trying to go along with the Earl-liance without really helping them, I guess? I don't know. He thought they were voting for Mookie and that the die was therefore cast? Something like that. I mean, that part is actually sort of true, so maybe that's what he's saying. He goes on to insist that he would never turn on Alex and Mookie. "Ever. Ever!" Because that's how you can tell people are telling the truth. It's the second "ever." "Dreamz" then interviews that this was a total lie, of course, and that it was totally his fault that the flip happened. My favorite part is that while "Dreamz" is voicing over with this explanation, you can see Mookie counting on his fingers in the background. Scheming is hard! Alex insists that he only cares about the betrayal aspect. (Me too. My fingers hurt!) "Dreamz" tells them that if they want to stay around, all they can do is win a lot of challenges. And then he tells us that he just wants to stay as friendly as possible, so that he might get their votes at a final tribal council.

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