Blackmail Or Betrayal

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Challenge clearing. Two giant slingshots. Jeff says that they'll be randomly split into two teams. They'll go up against each other, with each team having a slingshot operator and three catchers out in the field of mud that's before them. If you catch a ball, you get a point for your team, whether it's your team's ball or the other team's ball. First team to five will win reward. And what's the reward? It's your basic overnight spa getaway with eating and bath products. Try Olay! It's delicious! (Shout-out to Wing's mom, who loves Olay almost as much as I do.) Also, the winning team will send one of the losers to Exile Island, where that person will see a clue for a newly buried idol to replace the one that Alex burned -- I mean, "played" -- last week.

The orange team has Yau Man launching for Boo, Cassandra, and Mookie. The green team has Stacy launching for Earl, "Dreamz," and Alex. The first two balls aren't caught, though Earl is close to getting the green one. Boo scores for orange. Mookie scores for orange. When the next ball sails, Cassandra puts an arm around Earl's neck to keep him from catching it, and once it isn't caught, he's like, "Um, chokehold? " Jeff tut-tuts that it's up to them to decide how physical to get, which is kind of weird, since I've never seen a physical or wrestling thing that didn't include "no choking" as a rule. I suspect that Jeff's reaction has something to do with the fact that Cassandra wasn't considered capable of actually choking anyone. "Dreamz" scores for green, but on the next round of balls that aren't even caught, Boo goes down with an injury. Wow, who knew that having people run and slide in the mud in inappropriate shoes might risk injuring someone's leg? Boo moans in pain, saying that he fears the dreaded ACL injury (suffered by many professional and amateur athletes, not to mention my dog), until Jeff calls for the medical team. Boo explains to Medic Guy that his knee hurts in the middle of the back of the knee. He says that he heard it pop, and he thinks it might be that two things got crossed up over each other wrong, so he wants to try putting weight on it. When he puts weight on it, there is a sharp, truly disgusting snap so notable that everyone cringes in unison. But it appears that indeed, something just needed to be popped back, and now Boo is fine. "I'm good, let's go," he says, actually rubbing extra mud on his hands for no conceivable reason. "Let's go!" he repeats when nobody moves fast enough. ["He put his own leg back together! Through sheer force of will and gumption! Boo is Superman!" -- Joe R]

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