Blackmail Or Betrayal

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As it happens, at the same time that Mookie and Alex are finding the idol, Cassandra and Stacy are out in the woods having a powwow about being the last two women left. As they toast with fruit, it's pretty interesting to think back to Stacy's declaration that Cassandra, like "Dreamz," had no friends and would surely go next. When Stacy hears Alex and Mookie coming, she and Cassandra hide. Mookie and Alex have a conversation in which they discuss whether Yau Man would have told anyone else he had the idol, and they assume he wouldn't. Their discussion just gets funnier when Mookie asks Alex how they're going to convince everyone that Yau Man has the idol. And then, Mookie concludes that they'll just tell everyone that he has it. It's brilliant! Genius! Mookie goes on to say that he thinks Yau Man keeps it with him in the pants he wears to tribal council. So Mookie's idea is to wait until tribal council and call out Yau Man on having it. They envision a moment when he will be forced to admit that he has it. And this will...cause something to happen, but I'm not sure what. Their idea seems to be that Yau Man will deny having it, and then they'll force him to admit that he has it, and then everyone will immediately vote for him. Because...? I mean, it stands to reason that even if this is the case, all that will happen is that Yau Man will play the idol, which everyone would now know, which means they wouldn't vote for him. See what I mean? Finding out that someone can't be voted off doesn't make people rush to vote him off, particularly without a plan in place. What you need to do is try to get people to vote for Yau Man without making it public that people know about his idol. That's how you get people to vote for him -- you convince them that he has the idol, and that they can vote him off without giving him a chance to play it, because he'll never see it coming. Once you tell Yau Man that you know about his idol and plan to tell everyone about it, you make it (1) much more likely that he'll play it; and therefore (2) much less likely that people will vote for him. Basically, the way to minimize the value of knowing that he has the idol is to make it common knowledge among everyone that he has it and that everyone knows he has it.

So, of course, that's what they want to do. Alex is waxing rhapsodic about how great it's going to feel to essentially create an awkward moment. Even if it doesn't work, they'll be all, "You have the idol!", and Yau Man will have to admit it, and that'll fix the old man's wagon. "That's going out swinging!" Alex says. "Literally a blaze of glory!" How I wish. Maybe he's talking about his torch. I doubt it. Mookie and Alex agree that this is going out "Scarface-style," which is incredibly embarrassing and therefore wonderful. "Two great brains working together, strategizing -- we're on top of the world," Mookie remarks. He says in an interview that they have this plan, where they'll call out the idol at tribal council. And...nobody will be able to talk to each other. So...they'll all be paranoid. So...they'll all vote for the guy they know will obviously play the idol? OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO STUPID.

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