Blackmail Or Betrayal

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This is the thing -- everybody knows that Earl and Yau Man are the ones in their group who repeatedly went to Exile Island. They don't seem surprised that there's more than one idol, to the point where I think they knew that. How surprised can they really be that Yau Man has one? Moreover, Yau Man can only use this to get to F4. Most of these people think they're going to F4 with Yau Man anyway. Get rid of Alex and Mookie, and you're at F6...that's two eliminations, neither of which were probably going to be aimed at Yau Man. So...what's the big deal? What's funny, of course, is that Yau Man himself tried to opportunistically peek in Sylvia's bag, back in the day, to look for the idol. But I think all of them would probably point out that (1) peeking isn't the same as rifling, and (2) Yau Man isn't Sylvia. Earl interviews that really, nobody cared about the idol -- the whole thing backfired totally on Alex and Mookie, because they came off as assholes. Earl does say that he still would have preferred to keep the information quiet for the time being. Predictably, "Dreamz" is the one who decides that maybe he should freak out about this, since everyone with an idol is dangerous. "It's going to change a whole bunch of stuff," "Dreamz" says, although if you ask him in five minutes, he'll probably say something completely different.

Alex and Mookie discuss the fact that the Earl-liance is deep in conversation, which means they must have at least caused "dissension." They are wrong, of course. They have caused a big powwow over how much they suck to happen. Yau Man interviews that the bad outcome would be for Mookie or Alex to win immunity, and for them to successfully pull "Dreamz" and Boo over, creating a chaotic 4-4 tie. I agree with him that that's the only bad scenario, but I really, really don't think it will happen, partly because nobody likes a tie.

Challenge course. Jeff brings back Boo, who looks like he's been on vacation. Jeff takes back individual immunity from Yau Man and takes back the necklace. They are all seated on a long bench with their backs to a screen, and behind the screen is a grid of squares. They are each choosing three squares in a row -- horizontal, vertical, or diagonal -- and those squares will basically be like their ship in a game of Battleship. Then they'll call out coordinates for a square, and they'll hit whoever has chosen that square. People's ships can overlap, so you may hit more than one person at a time. Of course, if you're good enough, you can pay attention to the hits that are called out and figure out where there might be more hits. There are twenty-five squares, so it feels like keeping track would be tough, but not impossible. When your squares have all been hit, your battleship is sunk, and you're out of the game.

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