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Requiem for a Hag

Later, while Phillip dozes (and blows spit bubbles in his sleep), Corinne makes her case to Andrea, Dawn, and Cochran. They all seem cool enough with the idea of voting Sherri out, but none of them relish countering Phillip to do so. Corinne says they should just bully him into it like he does to them. Which sounds like an amazingly stupid idea guaranteed to fail, but okay. Andrea is particularly good at just nodding along with Corinne even though this really has to be feeding into her idea of Corinne as a dangerous schemer who she wants to eliminate sooner rather than later. Cochran interviews that he's puzzled by how adamant Corinne is that Eddie or Reynold not get votes tonight, but hey, Sherri going home is fine for him too. That's a bit uncharacteristic of Cochran not to twig to something strange about Corinne protecting Eddie and Reynold. What does give Cochran pause is the idea of overriding Phillip's plans without telling him and thus allowing the Corinne/Phillip feud to give the fans ideas about cracks in their alliance.

Corinne later finds time to talk to Eddie and Reynold and further cement their counter-alliance. They are certainly happy with the plan, especially the part where Sherri gets votes out. Reynold interviews that he's into this idea of "overthrowing the tyranny of Lord Phillip of the High Shelter." Man, what a tragedy Reynold is. Cute as heck. Decent little inklings of a funny personality. But the smarm just overwhelms everything, doesn't it? Anyway, the other weird thing is that Corinne thinks that in addition to their six, she can bring Dawn in, because she's "on the outs" and "probably willing" to go with them. I am really not sure where this is coming from, beyond Corinne and Dawn bonding as the Favorites women on Bikal. This seems like Corinne's second big mistake this week, thinking she needs to include Dawn. Maybe she was thinking ahead to wanting an ally down the road to counter the Malcolm/Eddie/Reynold triptych? Lord knows. If someone talks to Corinne, could you ask her? Thanks. Corinne and the boys then engage in a bitch session on the subject of Phillip, which is probably all I would do if I were out there, so I get it. "I want to throat-punch him every day," says Corinne. All this unity has Reynold cautiously optimistic that if the Sherri vote goes as planned, he'll be back in business.

After the break, Corinne decides to put her already-dubious plan to rope in Dawn into effect a week early. She approaches it from the respect angle: Phillip doesn't afford it to anyone, so they should oust him (after they oust Sherri) as a result. If Corinne were a savvier player, she'd notice how Dawn is about ready to shatter into a million little jittering pieces at the thought of flipping the game on its head like this. She's especially freaked when Corinne tells her that she's got all the Fan boys, plus Erik (which: does she?). Even without knowing how much Dawn is obsessing on her original season, Corinne should have still approached this way more gingerly and when she noticed how very much Dawn wasn't into it, she should have backed off.

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