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Battle of the Sexists

Roger leads the way for the men, and Shawna for the women. They navigate the toughnut equally, but the men are able to retrieve their key with more ease than the women. Christy, Deena, and Jenna run while holding hands, which can't make it any easier, and Joanna is practically carrying the flailing Janet under one arm. Both tribes unlock themselves into two groups of four.

In the first puzzle, Roger is still leading the men, and Deena appears to be leading the women. The men decode the puzzle first, open the trunk, and unearth a key, splitting into pairs and heading off for the balance beam. While the men navigate the beam with varying degrees of ease, Peachy encourages the ladies not to quit. Roger and Alex, the first pair, navigate the beam on foot, but the others sit and scoot along on their crotches. Talk about a toughnut! The men continue to make it across the beam, while the women continue to flail at the puzzle. Finally, just Daniel and Ryan -- who are having more than a little difficulty with the beam -- remain for the men, and the women decode their puzzle, causing Peachy to exclaim, "Guys, you're blowin' your lead!" We see Daniel and Ryan make it all the way to the end of the beam when Daniel puts his feet down prematurely and is forced, along with Ryan, back to the beginning again. Peachy yells, "No, no, no!" and sends them back once again. Ryan tries to take control of the situation, ordering Daniel to his feet before trying again. The women, meanwhile, have quietly edged past them, causing Peachy to yell, "It is official, guys: you've lost your lead!" Finally, Ryan makes it across and turns to nearly drag Daniel off the beam. Daniel somehow manages to somersault off the end. Now the tribes are dead even again, fully unlocked, and puzzling again. The women finish the word puzzle first, and Heidi scrambles up a jungle gym-type wooden thing -- nearly wiping out but saving herself -- while Peachy yells, "Come on, guys! We got a rocket scientist and a computer guy stuck on a puzzle!" Heidi is now on the zipline, which has no net and no safety cords and therefore looks a little dangerous to me. She zips down, grabs the key, sprints to the cage, and unlocks her tribemates. They cross the finish line, shrieking like the bunch of girls that they are. Then men are released from their cage shortly afterward, and to their credit hustle to the finish line. Peachy congratulates the celebrating women and then turns to tell the men that they blew their big lead and will now have to vote someone out.

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