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Battle of the Sexists

As the victorious Jaburu tribe returns from the challenge, Heidi tells us that they came from behind to kick butt; even Janet is feeling much better now. The group discusses how Shawna set at great pace for them from the beginning, and Jenna busts on the boys for mimicking them at every stage of the challenge. She wondered, "Is there an echo in the jungle?" Heidi proudly tells us in an interview that they realized they could perform as well as or even better than the men.

Butch tells us, as the men lethargically arrive back at camp, that they went into it "maybe a little cocky," thinking there was no way eight girls could have beaten eight macho men. When did "macho" become a positive word, anyway? Matthew looks surly as he asks, "Do you think those chicks really caught a fish?" and then Butch continues telling us that their loss could be attributed to "eight guys believin' in themselves a little too much." So clearly the banner should read, "Believe in yourself, just not too much." In an interview, Rob gives the girls credit for their efforts, claiming the situation is "Billie Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs for a new millennium." Dave asks the group for their silence because he needs to "express [him]self" about something that pissed him off. He tells them that they performed like "cocky assholes," and their false boasting about catching fish was the problem. He accuses them of bringing him down with their "bullshit," and says, "I got character and I got integrity." He doesn't care if the other team is women or men, but they shouldn't be lied to. ["You're putting a giant target on your ass, pal, but still: Go, Dave!" -- Wing Chun] In an interview, Daniel tells us that Dave is too serious and that the incident was not a big deal. He wants to know who Dave thinks he is, anyway. Dave tells them that the next time Peachy asks them how many fish they caught, they should not respond, "Many, many, many fish," and instead should honestly answer, "No, we haven't found anything." In an interview, Rob parrots that Dave is a "stand-up guy" with a lot of honesty and integrity. It's great for Rob, however, who tells us he's going to lie and cheat and do whatever it takes to win, which he thinks will work against Dave. ["Shut up, Josh." -- Wing Chun]

Alex steps forth to bop fists with Dave and agree that their boastful behavior didn't make sense. Ryan speaks up and apologizes for his mistakes in the balance-beam leg of the challenge. In an interview, he tells us that when he first looked at the course, he thought they had it in the bag, but "the most athletic, biggest guy would turn out to be just a meathead, you know?" He blames Daniel for falling off the log three times and complains, "Now I'm the one with my ass on the stove." While Dave hacks at a log, Roger insists that Ryan should be the first member of the tribe to go. Dave laughs in response before telling us in an interview that he won't vote Ryan off because they're from the same hometown. Daniel, however, doesn't help or get involved, and Dave concludes, "He's not really doin' it for me right now." We then see Daniel telling Ryan that Dave has it out for him, but Ryan thinks it doesn't matter. He claims to like the tribe, but what he doesn't like is "kissin' Roger's ass." Daniel is quick to agree with him. Matthew explains that there's a lot of friction between Ryan and Roger; he says that this tension has built up and is now culminating in a face-off. Ryan next approaches Matthew about taking Roger out in order to move forward. Matthew agrees to go along with it, and Ryan makes him repeat Roger's name just in case he forgets it. In an interview, Ryan tells us that he has no choice but to go for Roger because Roger is going for him. Ryan moves on to Rob, telling him that with his vote, they'll have a block of four. In an interview, Rob says that Ryan is fun, but loud, abrasive, and extremely self-centered. Ryan and Rob strike a deal, with Rob claiming that it's "game, set, match." They part in different directions with Ryan looking particularly cocky before realizing that he's headed the wrong way and turning around. In an interview, Rob tells us that Ryan is focused only on himself and not on the team, but Roger is so bossy. Roger, meanwhile, is not going quietly. We see him call Butch, Rob, and Dave together about getting rid of Daniel and Ryan. Rob tells us in an interview that he has been approached by both Roger and Ryan about joining their side, and he agreed with both of them. He tells us it's one or the other; they both have their positives, and he's going to see "which way it clears out."

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