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Battle of the Sexists

It's time for the vote, and Roger is first. We don't see what name he writes down, but we can guess it's "Ryan." Matthew is irritated by Roger's constant advice-giving, and votes for him. Ryan also votes for Roger with the words, "My advice to you is don't hunt what you can't kill." Except he pronounces "hunt" like "haunt" and confuses me. Butch votes for Ryan who he thinks is a "pretty good boy, but the only problem is you're still a boy." He says that "silence is golden," which is Principal for "shut the fuck up." Dave votes for Daniel because he didn't like his bad attitude at the immunity challenge and how it reflected on the tribe.

That's all we see, and Peachy's off to tally. He returns with a nondescript urn; the producers have really cut back this season what with the beat-up immunity idol and the plain urn. The first vote is for Ryan, followed by a vote for Roger, and then by a vote for Daniel. A second vote follows for Roger, followed by a second vote for Ryan, then a third for Ryan and a third for Roger. Strange how that worked out so nicely! We're tied at 3-3, and the last vote comes up for Ryan. His mouth hangs open and Rob appears to be stifling a grin. So Ryan heads back to Maryland as Peachy lectures the remainder of the tribe that they have a bigger problem than their cockiness and arrogance: the fact that this is "clearly a tribe divided," thus officially kicking the season off with his usual smarmy smugness.

Next week on Survivor, it rains, and the men stay dry while the women get drenched. More importantly, someone smuggled in a granola bar!

As the credits close, we see that Roger, Alex, Rob, and Butch voted for Ryan, while Matthew, Ryan, and Daniel voted for Roger. As we saw, Dave's was the solitary vote for Daniel. Ryan tells us that he went into the show expecting the biggest challenge of his life, which was exactly what he got. He learned a lot about making shelter, but even more about how he perceives others and how they perceive him. He wears a strange fake smile throughout this interview. He thought he'd be mad, but he's not. Still, he kind of looks mad, even though he's trying to hide it. Ryan says he has a good perspective now and wishes the winner the best. He had fun and he'll see them soon. He adds, "God bless you" with malicious eyes. Pretty blue eyes, maybe, but malicious all the same.

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