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Battle of the Sexists

A snake slithers along as the women finally get their fire started. Deena tells us in an interview that it took them five or six hours to start the fire and cut four logs. They also lit the kerosene so it wouldn't be so dark outside. We see a jumpy spider nearby, as Deena adds that they huddled for warmth and proceeded to have a "major bagfest on the boy team." More specifically, they're talking about "how [the men] get off." One of the women points out that the men were sad when the tribes were divided by gender because they "wanted to look at [Heidi's] hooters all day." In an interview, Christy tells us that her ability to communicate shuts down as soon as its gets dark. We see her sitting in the group and shaking her head in an attempt to look like she's following the conversation. She tells us that it was hard to be in a group of girls who wanted to talk non-stop, and that she missed out on a lot of information. As the women debate whether to eat or make shelter, we return to Christy, who is breaking down in an interview. She tells us that she is trying to get along with the group and be like them, but cries, "I could never be like them 'cause I'm not! Always totally different! Always have been! It's okay. It happens every time!" She whines that she's at a disadvantage, and as we return to the chatty group, someone asks whether Christy is asleep and they all agree that she is, even though the camera pans over to show her lying there with her eyes clearly wide open. We know she's deaf, but are all the others blind?

And it's time for a signature Survivor sunrise, although this one is surprisingly not accompanied by racing clouds. It's Day 2 at Jaburu, and the tribe is waking up. Jenna voice-overs that the "Amazon women tribe" is not doing very well -- they slept on the ground, which she claims is "the #1 rule not to do in the jungle." I'd have thought that was like the #59 rule behind things like sticking your hand in the mouth of a crocodile, and eating monkey feces, but I guess it's all a matter of priorities. She adds that they had bugs crawling all over them, and something was always biting her or crawling in her pants. Is she sure that Ted from last season wasn't just dropping by? Deena complains that a bug flew up her nose, and one of the women dryly responds, "Yeah, I saw that." Hee. Janet tells us in an interview that there were leeches and spiders around the camp, and they all got bit. They discover a tarantula by their food, and Jenna concludes that it must have been crawling on them while they slept. In response to their poking and prodding, the spider crawls deeper into the food container. They all conspire as to how best to get rid of it, and jab at it with their machetes. In an interview, Christy giggles over the fact that they slept on the ground and adds, "Makes you wonder what went in your mouth." Deena tells us they realized that the ground was cold, wet, miserable, and uncomfortable, so they decided to do something about making a shelter. They head out looking for supplies, and realize that Heidi is missing. This revelation is accompanied for some bizarre reason by a dramatic gong sound. Then Heidi arrives and they all head off together, Christy remaining behind. In an interview, she tells us that the others decided to have "this mission or whatever," and she wondered what was going on. She says she volunteered to remain behind and stay with the fire, but then wondered why no one cared that she was there all alone. Maybe because she volunteered. In an interview, Heidi tells us that she hasn't bothered to get to know Christy or to bond with her "just because of the communication barrier." She thinks that if you can't understand people, it's a real liability. Just the kind of teacher I'd want for my children. Christy tells us again that this kind of experience is not new for her, because deaf people go through this kind of thing on a daily basis. Still, she doesn't want it to become a daily issue because then the others will wonder why they're even keeping her around. She's still trying to figure the other women out.

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