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Battle of the Sexists

The camera-shy crocodile makes an appearance, popping up another suspicious eye. Magilla -- with a new spiky 'do -- hovers around the Tambaqui tribe. The men are debating how to build the shelter while a manic Roger orders them around. Rob complains in an interview about Roger's bossiness, but insists that he knows how to play the game: "Yes, Roger. Yes, Roger. Sure, Roger." He just does whatever Roger tells him to do, and it doesn't bother him very much. Roger, however, is bothered by Daniel and Ryan who, he complains, just stand around failing to contribute. He says that he asked them to collect some vines, and it was like pulling teeth. We see Ryan and Daniel struggling unsuccessfully to pull a root from the ground, while Roger shakes his head in dismay. Alex tells us in an interview that they built a "post-modern survival shelter," with "a little trapezoid action goin' on" and several different planes. I'd say it's more "burrow" than "post-modern survival shelter," but maybe that's just me. Alex concludes, "I think -- I'm relatively sure Home and Garden is gonna come and shoot us later on." For all their big talk, the men are definitely obsessed with what the ladies are up to. Matthew can't imagine the girls "dismantling the jungle" like they did, and in an interview, Rob tells us that he doesn't think the women are working well together, and that their shelter can't be as good: "I see them crying, panicking, tryin' to build a cell phone so they can call their boyfriends to come over and help them build a shelter." He supposes that they might have three sticks put together, and, by Deena's count, he's one stick short. We see the "Believe in Yourself" sign, and the men once again cheer themselves.

And incidentally, just when I got used to the kooky spellings of names like "Robb," and "Rodger," we get castmates with those names spelled normally? That's the real "shocking twist."

We return to Jaburu, where the girls are struggling with their four sticks. Jeanne whines that she thought someone in the tribe would step up as a leader, and she's embarrassed that no one did. Heidi perches horizontally across some planks of wood with no head support, proposing it as their new sleeping place while the others look on, flummoxed. Jeanne continues telling us that they're dehydrated and that no one went to the bathroom yesterday. Deena is likely disappointed that there's been no communal girl-on-girl peeing yet. Jeanne concludes, "People are gonna start gettin' down!" The disco lights and the smoke machine are coming up any minute now.

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