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"I Quit. No, I Don't. Wait, What Was The Question?"

Jeff asks whether, if she goes tonight, Melinda will think it's "just the way it goes." She says no: she'll be disappointed, pissed, hurt, and so forth. Her main reason is that she can't imagine being judged less worthy of keeping on a team than a person who wanted to quit. And she does kind of have a point. How about Cirie? Six days enough? She does my least favorite thing, unfortunately, which is dragging your family into it, as far as their disappointment and how you want to help them and all that. I hate it when it seems like anyone is trying to capitalize on the idea that their family is more deserving of help than someone else's, because not everyone has the same sob story, and not everyone wants to share, or can share, their entire sob story. Cirie cries, and I understand her frustration, but I wish she had stuck to her own disappointment, which is perfectly adequate to justify being sad.

Jeff says it's time to vote, with the tribe apparently "all over the map." Cirie votes. President Beefcake votes. Aras votes. Melinda votes for Shane, saying that he made her promise. Heh. Courtney votes. Shane votes. Danielle scratches her head and votes. You can tell they needed less filler than usual, because the shots of people voting were really short. Jeff goes off to tally. When he returns, he fucks with Shane by reading the two votes for him first (thank you, Jeff), but then the next four are all for Melinda, so she's gone. I kind of like it, and it doesn't come off too phony, that after Melinda's third vote, Cirie reaches over and holds her hand while the last one is read. I do think they knew it was Melinda and not Cirie. Shane stares, dead-eyed. Melinda is snuffed. Tina will be happy to see her, I think. She turns and points at Cirie and says, "Take care," and Cirie smiles and points back. I think they did develop a...not a friendship, exactly, but a sort of kinship of the mutually screwed. Bruce is brought over to join Casaya. Poor, poor Bruce, swept into this tornado of suck.

The tribe heads home.

Next week: flirting.

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