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A Bunch of Idiots

Tarzan raises his hand to give us all a lecture on how this conversation is unfair to both Bill and Colton and especially Colton, who has been painted as a rich kid who never had to lift a finger. Um, maybe because that's exactly what he is. Probst asks who painted Colton in that light, and Tarzan chooses to ignore the question and start yelling about how they need to quit talking about the races, and base their judgments on how people act. I mean, it's a nice sentiment and all, and Tarzan seems to think we are in a post-racial society since we elected a black President, but that's a pipe dream. And also, thanks for the lecture, Grandpa. Can we vote him out too? Let's get rid of Colton and Tarzan, and then we've got a game. Probst notes that the differences in their backgrounds are what will get them voted out or take them to the end. Thanks for the lecture, Uncle Jeff. Time to vote.

So are they voting out Leif or Bill? The suspense is not killing me at all because it's obviously Bill. Probst tallies the votes and then reads them. There's one vote for Leif and the rest are all for Bill, because everyone but Bill knew that Bill was going home. So Bill leaves, and Probst points out that they made one of the riskiest moves ever in the game, and time will tell if it was worth it. Idiots.

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