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A Bunch of Idiots

Reward Challenge. The teams will use a slingshot to toss coconuts at a 5x5 wall of targets. In order for it to count as a hit, the majority of the wooden target has to be knocked out. The first team to get five in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, wins the reward. The reward is a choice of three prizes: comfort (pillows and mattresses and blankets), protection (a tarp), or luxury (donuts and coffee with a French press coffee maker). Everyone freaks out about the donuts.

The men sit Bill out (or he quickly volunteers to do so). The first few players to go manage to partially knock out tiles, but not enough. Tarzan is the first to knock out a tile for his team, and then Kat smashes a tile completely, so I guess she's not totally useless. Many of the following people partially break tiles, and then Monica smashes another tile for the women. At this point, the women have two in a row horizontally and two vertically, so they're cooking. Christina somehow completely knocks herself over and still misses hitting anything with her coconut.

The game continues with more panels being smashed by the women and few by the men until the women have four in a row going right down the center. Jonas is up for the men and Tarzan keeps calling him Jason. Probst yells out, "Jonas is up for the men" and Tarzan says, "Come on, Jason." Does he have faulty hearing or is he just clueless? Someone else on the tribe says, "His name's Jonas." I feel like they might be getting annoyed with ol' Tarzan. Anyway, Jonas hits a target, and so does Chelsea, but she doesn't get the one they need to win.

Colton and Monica are up. Colton gets his coconut through a hole. Monica takes aim and her team tells her to aim lower. She adjusts her trajectory and lets the coconut fly... and it hits the last target. The women win! They do a celebratory dance. Tarzan yells that winning the last three challenges was just luck, because he's a dried up bitter old man who can't hear. Now the women have a choice to make, so they discuss what to do. They know they have to choose the tarp, so Monica retrieves it. After the women leave, Probst tells the men that this is looking like "a very competitive game" instead of a blowout. Note that he doesn't lecture the men or mansplain to them what they need to do in order to turn things around, or chastise them for not having a clear leader or whatever bullshit he usually throws around when the women lose a challenge.

The women return to their camp and put a hand in for a Solani cheer. I think they need to work on that move. It was kind of pathetic. Sabrina interviews that "Tarzan with his crusty ass" was talking about luck, and she was like, "Luck these." I love her. Meanwhile, at the men's camp, the men are talking about how their win was a fluke and they didn't have enough time to learn the game. Bill points out that the women didn't have time either. Jonas justifies it by saying that he'd rather be up one in numbers than have two tarps. Keep that in mind. Bill interviews that their thoughts on the women being a weaker tribe are "out the window." Last week he said that the One World thing was out the window. He likes to throw things out the window. Someone should introduce him to the word defenestration, just so he could mix things up a bit.

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