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A Bunch of Idiots

Bill and Leif are having a chat on the beach, talking about how it was a tough challenge and whatnot. Leif says he'd really like to find an idol, and Bill says that he would too. Of course, neither of them are actually looking for an idol, so they must not want to find one too badly. Leif casually says that he's glad he got the chance to talk to Bill and he's glad they didn't vote him out last week when Colton wanted to do so. Bill looks up sharply. I still can't decide if Leif just slipped, or if that was intentional. I think he slipped because they were talking casually and Leif thought Bill already knew. Leif asks Bill not to tell anyone they were talking about this, and then just tells Bill that they went with Matt and now everyone likes Bill. Well, that's not exactly true. Bill is shocked to find out that he was so close to getting voted out, and he and Leif end things by agreeing to tell one another if they find an idol.

Michael immediately runs to Colton and says that he saw Bill and Leif deep in serious conversation. Colton says, "That little munchkin's about to get knocked back to Oz." You might think that's the most awful thing Colton will say this week. Well, hold on. Colton orders Michael to go get Leif. Michael's no dummy, because he hopes to deflect attention from himself by putting it onto Leif. Anyway, Leif comes over and does a horrible job explaining what he was doing talking to Bill. First, he tries to say he didn't tell Bill he was on the chopping block, and then when Colton demands to hear the truth, Leif caves and says that he did tell Bill they were after him. Leif is terrible at this game. How hard would it be to say, "Nothing man, we were just talking about the challenge." And then WALK AWAY. They might have suspicions but they won't know anything for sure. Then create a distraction (like Michael just did) and you're golden. Anyway, Colton gets super dramatic and tells Leif that he just sealed his fate, and then Colton interviews that Leif is "an annoying Oompa Loompa." Do you think Colton knows those things are offensive and says them anyway, or doesn't even know that they're offensive? Not that it matters. He's still made out of garbage. Colton tells Leif that he dug his own grave and picked the wrong side. Leif interviews that he stuck his foot in his mouth and no one trusts him anymore. Why are we all listening to Colton again? Ugh.

The next morning, the women get tree mail. It's a puzzle (a really easy one) that they have to assemble before reading; it reveals that they'll be working in pairs and doing a puzzle. Kat says that she needs to be partnered with someone who's good at puzzles because she's totally not. Someone says they should stick with the same partners from the last challenge, and Kat says to Alicia, "You're not good at puzzles. Not that good, are you?" Now. That was kind of a rude thing to say, but I thought they were friends. And I think what Kat meant was that she should be paired with the person who's the BEST at puzzles, because she's so bad. Alicia gets all offended. Sabrina intercedes to smooth things over. She lets Kat explain that she wasn't calling Alicia stupid, but Alicia says that she did take it that way, and she's got an attitude about it. Sabrina interviews that Kat was just saying that she's not that great at puzzles, and Alicia took it personally, and they don't need that kind of conflict right before a challenge.

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