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A Bunch of Idiots

The women talk about how much drama the men have in their camp after a win and Sabrina says basically, "Who gives a shit? It would be awesome not to go to Tribal Council!" Kat interviews that the men have lost their marbles, and she hopes that the men follow through on their threat, because it will be a boost for the women.

The men have clearly consulted with producers to find out what needs to happen for a tribe to give up immunity, and it turns out that it has to be a unanimous decision. Now why would Leif or Bill agree to do this? One of them is going home. I think the men tried to get Bill to think they were voting for Leif, and that's why he agreed to go? I mean, no one likes Bill anyway. So if he refuses to give up immunity, they will not like him more? Who cares? This is a dumb move on his part. I mean, it's a dumb move on anyone's part, because no matter how terrible someone on your tribe is, you never vote someone out when you don't have to. Even if you don't need the numbers, Tribal Council is not a pleasant place, and shit goes down. It's not a place of healing, is what I'm saying.

Tarzan specifically asks Bill what he wants to do and Bill laughs, but interviews that if he can take advantage of the groundswell against Leif, it might be to his advantage. Yeah, but what if they're not planning to vote out Leif? Did Bill even think of that? Jay says that he's "bum-puzzled" right now. You and me both, Jay. Sabrina tells the women that something like this would never happen on their tribe, and Monica says that she doesn't want to go to Tribal and vote someone out.

So what happened? We see a line of people holding torches approaching camp, and sure enough, the men walk in. Probst has a look on his face like, "THE FUCK?" and then "AWESOME!" and then "Holy shit." Once the men are seated, Probst says that in all of the seasons, a tribe has never arrived at Tribal Council after winning immunity. Probst asks Troy what happened, and he says that everyone got together and agreed to give up immunity to vote Bill out. But then Leif told Bill they were voting him out, and that broke trust. Um, that's not at all the order of operations. Leif told Bill they were going to vote him out LAST TIME, and then they decided to give up immunity. That's a nice story that Troy is telling though.

Probst clarifies that Leif gave up secrets from his alliance. Leif says that he plays with his heart, and he's been getting closer to Bill on a friend level. Leif also says that Bill asked and Leif told him, which also isn't how it went down. There's a whole lot of retcon going on here. Either that, or we aren't being shown large chunks of the events as they happened. I'm still going with the theory that this is all an elaborate ruse to get Bill to agree to go to Tribal. Probst asks Jay why it's so urgent to get rid of Leif. Jay admits that he didn't see the point at first, but he felt he had to go along with the tribe or put a target on his own back. Yes, but Bill could have said no. He already has a target on his back! I am bum-puzzled by Bill's actions.

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