Burly Girls, Bowheads, Young Studs And The Old Bunch

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Goodbye, Dolly

Eliza votes first. We don't see for whom. Neither do we see Dolly's vote. Or Lisa's or Twila's. We do see that Julie is voting for "Leane," because "Dolly's pretty much running the show, but I do like her." Lisa's, Ami's, and Scout's votes are kept secret for now. Mia votes for "Leigh Ann": "You seem like a great girl, I just didn't have time to get to know you." Does Mia think she's on The Bachelor? Oh, there's another reason: "It's purely so the five young 'uns, as you call us, can stick together and get through this. Sorry." Jeff heads off to retrieve the votes. He rushes through his little spiel about the vote being final and the person chosen leaving immediately, because people who live on islands way more remote than Vanuatu know how this works by now.

The first vote is for Leane. The second is for Leigh Ann. The third is for Leeane. Ooh, a three-way tie! Leann looks disgusted. Fourth vote: Dolly. Wait, what? Dolly looks blank. Julie looks confused, and maybe just a little suspicious. The fifth vote is also for Dolly, who by now is smiling a little bit. Voteless Eliza makes innocent cow-eyes. Mia and Julie exchange Wilco-Tango-Foxtrot glances. The sixth vote is for Dolly. Three votes for Dolly and three for Eliza. Lisa looks confused. Mia hisses, "What?" The seventh vote is for Dolly, and it even comes with a little emoticon next to her name. Y'all, I don't think Eliza's going anywhere tonight. We see Mia's lips move as she breathes, "Oh. My. God. The --" but then the editors cut away before the cursing can begin in earnest. Eliza's still got her high-beams on. The eighth vote is for Leann, who looks way more worried than Dolly does. Jeff notes that it's a tie, as he makes a mental note to slip a little something extra into the pay envelope of the production assistant who collated the votes to rack up maximum drama. "Second person voted out of Survivor Vanuatu," he says, and turns the vote around. "Dolly." Dolly hops up like Bob Barker has just invited her to come on down while Eliza makes a "Who, me? I didn't do anything" face. Jeff douses Dolly's torch and sends her on her way. Buck up, Dolly. Life is good. Mia shakes her head in disgust. Bowheads? You guys got played. Your cunning and strategy are no match for the formidable intellectual might of Eliza. Jeff sums it up: "So the person who thought they were [sic] the swing vote is the person you just voted out of your tribe. So the question is, will tonight's vote bring you together as a tribe, or continue to separate you?" They take their torches and head off in single file. Wow, who'da thunk Eliza had it in her?

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