Burly Girls, Bowheads, Young Studs And The Old Bunch

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Goodbye, Dolly

Jeff instructs Lopevi to start untying and unblindfolding as Yasur brings in their eleventh pair. Scout tells her team to follow suit, but Jeff yells, "No! Scout! Scout!" He points out to the water, where the bright yellow slab of wood the size of a kitchen tabletop is glaring right back at her. "We got one in the water," she announces. "I said that! I said I thought --" snaps a pissed-off Eliza, but Scout cuts her off and sends her and her partner back out to get it. Lopevi is already making progress on their first giant Fisher-Price puzzle. Scout directs Eliza and Lisa to unhook their last floating pair from the buoy, while Mia sits and looks more disgusted with a blindfold on than I've seen most people be able to do with their faces uncovered. Lopevi is still struggling with their first puzzle by the time Yasur has all its pieces and is going to work on its own first puzzle. "Yasur, you're still in this," Jeff says, just in time for Lopevi to finish their first puzzle and get to work on their second. Yasur stays a full level behind them, right up until the end, when the guys win it. Jeff hands over the Immunity pole to the loudly celebrating Lopevi tribe, and tosses them their new flint. Jeff sends a despondent Yasur tribe back to camp, reminding them that they have Tribal Council tonight. Lopevi stands over Yasur, screaming, hollering, hugging, jumping, posing, and generally carrying on. But not dancing. Oh, no. Because that? Would be classless.

On Day 6, the volcano is thoughtfully providing a literal black cloud over Yasur to go with the metaphorical one. What price will Scout pay for screwing up the challenge? What ugly recrimination will her tribemates heap upon her head? None, actually. It's Eliza who's crying, probably because she knows she's on the block. Scout comforts her maternally, as if the debacle with the remaining puzzle pieces in the water never happened. Ah, the hate. Here it comes. "I just never expected to like everyone so much," Eliza weeps. Neither did I, and it looks like I was right.

Freakish fish sit on rocks in the open air while an occasional wave laps over them. They're fish out of water. If only I could grasp their symbolic significance. ["Ah, the mystical mudskipper. How I've missed you since the glory days of Ren & Stimpy." -- Wing Chun]

Julie and Dolly crouch at the edge of the water, enjoying one of their sand-and-pebble facials. Since Dolly's in the Sisterhood of the Pinky-Swear, Julie asks her which way the Sisterhood plans to go. Dolly spills that they're still leaning toward evicting Eliza. Julie tries to win Dolly back over to the Bowhead side, reminding her of their plan to boot Twila, but Dolly is no longer down with the idea of voting off the hardest-working member of the tribe. Julie interviews that Dolly's sweet nature is a liability, while the editors cut back to the beach where Julie is reminding Dolly about all of Eliza's many, many good quality. Julie offers another alternative: Leann. What about the person who fucked up the challenge? Why does nobody ever say a word about that? I guess I'm the naïve one. Dolly interviews that she feels caught in the middle, and she doesn't want to make the wrong decision, but that she feels more loyal to the younger crowd. We see her and Julie, back on the beach, agreeing on Leann and heading off to tell the others. Telling the others is very important when you're stranded on an island, you know. Dolly interviews, "Already, I've got myself in a jam. It's a cluster...a cluster-you-know-what." Here's what I know, Dolly. It's a little expression that poker players use. If you've been sitting at the table for two hours and you don't know who the patsy is? You're the patsy.

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