Burnett's Book of Love

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Burnett's Book of Love
  • The masseuse on the Visa yacht was primarily employed as a tape logger in Survivor postproduction (190).
  • Despite what he told Jeff at the time, Rudy did throw the "standing still on the skinny beam" challenge (193).
  • Richard believes that "being gay is the main reason for [his] success" (227).

    It should surprise no one that a quickie book like this is riddled with copy errors. In addition to a plethora of dropped hyphens and misplaced apostrophes, verbs are incorrectly conjugated all over the place, Sean's student loan debt is variously reported as $50,000 or $250,000, and he switches from being a neurologist to a neurosurgeon practically every time his occupation is mentioned. But in spite of all that, the book is worth reading, not because of the recap it provides of each episode (heaven knows you can get that here), and not for the random black-and-white shots of the castaways, nor for the strangely dull Q&A with Richard, but because it actually does fill in a lot of the gaps between what we saw on the show and what, we imagine, might have actually happened. Burnett claims to have written the whole thing while on the island, and thus his impressions do tend to shift as the narrative twists -- much as our impressions, as viewers, shifted as the show progressed.

    Now that Burnett has this out of his system, I would like to read his autobiography. I'm very curious as to how an evil genius of his magnitude got to be where he is today.

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