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Immaturity Forever

Challenge course. There are a bunch of random-looking boxes full of iguanas and rocks and crabs and things, so it looks from the beginning like it might have some non-physical aspects. Which: about time. Or else they're making a very unusual soup. Jeff calls in the F4. He explains that this is a reward challenge where you are attached to a rope with a hook. You slide along the rope, and then when you run into an obstacle, you have to hook your other hook and then unhook your first hook so that you're hooked at all times, get it? Okay. Anyway, you make your way along the ropes to each of six stations: poles, crabs, rocks, iguanas, shells, and fish. At each one, you count the number of items and then you return. Each time you count, you have to come back, find the tile out of a big pile of them that has the corresponding number on it, and put it on the front of a game board. When you've been to all six stations and have all six numbers, you arrange them on a grid, and if you have all the right numbers, they will form the combinations to three locks. When you get all three locks open, your flag will drop, and you win. Oh, and if the locks don't open and you get numbers wrong, "you can head back out and correct your mistakes."

So what's the reward? A tour of the Panama Canal on a big yacht. Big meal, open bar, overnight. Also, you'll decide who goes to Exile Island. Terry can taste the food already, because obviously, he will win.

Ready? Go! They all go running down the course, trying to get the hang of the clipping and unclipping. Aras arrives at the rocks and starts counting. Chiclets counts shells. Cirie counts iguanas. Terry counts poles. Aras heads back, then Cirie, Terry, and Chiclets. Aras gets his first number onto his board, and he runs to the next station. Cirie does the same. Aras runs into a returning Chiclets, and we learn that one of the problems in this game is that when people are trying to get around each other, they can get in each other's way very easily. See, in order to pass but remain attached, you have to sort of wrap yourself around the other person, and if they're not inclined to let you, they can make it very difficult. Terry gets his second number set. There is more counting and more running, and for a bit, the race between Aras, Cirie, and Terry is a tie. Chiclets falls behind for a bit. We start to see numbers accumulate on people's boards, and Terry and Aras see it shaping up to be a battle between the two of them. Both of them begin to presume they can tell the women how to handle themselves, as Terry -- who just yelled at Cirie last night -- orders her, "Over the top, Cirie, over the top," when they run into each other. Cirie does not obey, oddly, and Terry finds himself tangled up with her. Then, as Terry and Aras put their second-to-last numbers into their boards, Terry is so overwound that he throws a number on the ground and has to go around to the front to retrieve it. I love when a jumpy freakazoid pays the price for his freakazoiditude.

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