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Immaturity Forever

Day 34, Exile Island. Terry tells Chiclets that the rivalry with Aras is becoming "unhealthy." YOU THINK? What's awesome is that Terry explains that Aras is getting "really emotional," and he thinks Aras might be cracking. Uh...he's not the one who appears to be cracking, Splinters McFreaky. Terry interviews that Aras has become "a hothead," unlike those who shove others, who are apparently models of restraint. He tells us that Aras is wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Equally awesome, because...equally ridiculous. Terry yabbers in an interview that he was "just trying to get a final ruling." There was already a final ruling! Shut it! He also brings up in the interview Aras's remark about him and women, and he says to Chiclets that he hasn't made any disparaging remarks about women. But then Terry tells us that he has to "act like a 46-year-old" and rise above it. He is more obsessed with the idea that age = awesomeness than anyone I've ever seen. What is with that? People can still suck in middle age. Seriously. He says that with any luck, there will be one more immunity challenge that he or Chiclets will win, and Aras will be gone.

Chiclets and Terry talk. They agree that if he can win immunity, then he'll give Chiclets the idol, and they'll get rid of Aras. Chiclets interviews that when Aras took Cirie on the reward, that told her that it was "the right time" for her to align herself with Terry. Which I don't really blame her for; that's probably a reasonable piece of analysis. She also explains that she's just using Terry; she doesn't like him or want to be his friend or anything. And really, who would? Except his wife, I guess. She's kind of stuck with him. Terry shows Chiclets the idol, and she interviews that now, she really knows that he has it. They make a deal that they'll take each other to F2, no matter what happens. "We can't let Aras win the next immunity," Chiclets says.

Aras and Cirie on their yacht. Now, the canal. Miraflores locks. Aras explains what the canal is, and how the locks are really cool. A man! A plan! You know how it goes. Cirie, too, expresses some amazement at the man-made accomplishment of the canal, which I guess you sort of have to, because at one time, that was considered kind of a big deal, they tell me. That, and walking on the moon. Which: yawn. Cirie says that she's closer to Aras than anyone, and has been for thirty-four days. She says that they're also thinking how great it would be if the two of them could get to F2 together. I don't think Aras thinks that, since it would not result in his winning the money.

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