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Immaturity Forever

Back from more commercials, the yacht is heading for the beach. Cirie says that she and Aras came along to their own island and beach, and from a distance, it looked pretty good. Much less miserable than from close up. She also says that it was nice to be home. And then we get a scene in which Aras repeatedly farts audibly, which you don't hear on TV that often. He blames it on the food, and she refuses to come in the shelter with him. Instead, Cirie heads out to try to start a fire on her own with the flint, which she says she has never done before. It turns out there's always been someone else there to start the fire, and Aras won't expect her to have started one, which is why she wants to. Happily, Cirie does manage to start a fire, just as Aras is waking up, an he's happy for her. He tells us in a quick interview that on the first day, she wouldn't have been able to do that. Do you get it? It's foreshadowing! Foreshadowing, I tell you!

Challenge beach. Cirie and Aras come in, and then Chiclets and Terry are brought in from the boat. Jeff asks Aras about the food, and Aras says that he may have eaten too much. It's never wrong to gloat about the hunger of others. Jeff explains today's challenge. You solve three puzzles, each made up of a bag of pieces you dig up using coordinates that show you where to line up ropes, and then you dig where they cross. The first coordinates are already set up, the first puzzle leads to the second coordinates, the second to the third coordinates, and the final puzzle is the end. First to finish all three puzzles will win immunity. I'm sure Terry is disappointed to see immunity resting on something that they wouldn't do in survival training.

Ready? Go! Everybody digs. Aras digs his bag up first, then Chiclets, then Cirie, then Terry. Next is the task of getting the bags open, then the solving. First to solve the first puzzle is Aras. Terry is next. Chiclets finishes her first puzzle, and then Aras returns with his second bag. Cirie, on the other hand, is not doing so well. Aras working on his second puzzle, Terry coming back with his second bag. Aras finishes his second puzzle and heads back out to dig. Chiclets can't find her second bag. Cirie finishes her first puzzle, finally. Cirie digs for her second bag. Aras returns with his third set of puzzle pieces. Terry working on his second puzzle. Terry finishes that one and heads out to dig. Aras is progressing on the last puzzle, and Terry runs back with his last bag of pieces. For some reason, Aras seems to go slower on this last puzzle than on the others. Chiclets returns with her second bag, but at this point, it's Aras and Terry. Jeff tries to tell you that Terry is gaining on Aras, but it's not clear how close Terry actually is when...yes, Aras wins, so somebody besides Terry has immunity, thank God.

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