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Probst asks Alina what she had to do with all of this, and Alina doesn't answer him, just says that she was willing to admit her guilt and face the music. I guess she's trying to make a case for her being an honest and trustworthy ally? Although fessing up to helping NaOnka steal stuff doesn't seem like the best way to do that. Probst asks Alina how she can get the food-stealing target off her back now. Why would she? Alina seems to really like that target, seeing as how she takes almost every opportunity to remind everyone that she was sort of culpable in the NaOnka tortilla caper. Alina says she should be kept around because she can be a "pawn" and a "number." So, basically, they shouldn't vote out someone who was involved in stealing tribe food and will vote whichever way the wind blows. Yeah, that doesn't sound like a dangerous player at all.

Jane and Jud will be keeping their immunity tonight, but everyone else can be voted for. Jane votes for "Marti," saying she hopes everyone is "smart" in his vote even though she isn't even smart enough to spell Marty correctly. Maybe she got Marty confused with this Marti? After all, she's from North Carolina too, so she's probably Jane's sister and Chase's cousin or something. Alina votes for Marty. Ben votes for Alina with a very hostile statement about her being a "one hundred percent grade A dirt squirrel" that he follows up with a squirrel imitation. It's creepy and gross, and that's even before I looked up what the hell a "dirt squirrel" was and found that it means a slutty woman. Did Alina turn down Ben's advances or something? Does he just hate women? Where the hell did that come from? What an asshole. Anyway, Sash votes for Alina. Probst returns with the urn and reads off two votes for Marty and the rest for Alina. She is pissed, although I think Jane might be even angrier. On her way out, she gives a nice "good luck, guys," to the people who just voted her out and hated her for seemingly no reason, which is much better than they deserve.

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