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La Flor arrive and Espada is shocked to see that Jill is not among them. Alina interviews that they all thought Marty and Jill were "running things" at La Flor, even though, again, that doesn't make any sense. Why on Earth would Brenda allow that to happen? Why would Alina underestimate her like that? Does she think the old Espada folks must be in power because Kelly B. was voted out? Has she forgotten that everyone on La Flor wanted her and Kelly B. out? Apparently so. Marty gives his former tribemates a big relieved hug, especially Dan, while Chase reunites with Brenda. And then everyone gets over that in order to open and enjoy the contents of the chest. Yes, it's full of food and treats and new red buffs for the merged tribe. Marty immediately proposes that a new tribe name of "Libertad," which is Spanish for "freedom" and not the worst new tribe name we've ever seen on this show, so I think it's okay. The rest of the tribe eagerly agrees to Marty's new name idea because no one cares about tribe names when there is food to be eaten. Marty is quite pleased with himself for naming the new tribe because, like most things, he attaches way too much importance to it.

Everyone else is pleased to see cookies and rum, which Ben takes a gulp of and then makes a really stupid frat boy "I just drank alcohol, I'm so cool!" face. As for NaOnka, she interviews (this time sitting in a field of cacti), that the food was delicious. "Like my booty ... " she begins, then stops speaking, scrunches up her face, lifts one side of her ass up a little bit, and farts. No, really. Or at least, that's what the editors wanted us to think. It sounded kind of fake to me. I think she really did fart there but the original fart was too quiet to hear on TV, so they cranked up the sound on it just to make absolutely sure that everyone at home would hear it and there would be no mistake that NaOnka is gross and ridiculous. And this just shows you how much everyone involved with this show hates her, because plenty of footage exists of pretty much every contestant on this show peeing, shitting, farting, whatever. That's what happens when you're being filmed all the time and there are no bathrooms around and your digestive system is all messed up anyway. Yes, even in interviews! I'm sure plenty of contestants have farted in the middle of an interview (especially one following a giant feast like that) in the past. But they don't air that stuff on TV, because it's gross and embarrassing and unnecessary. But this time, they not only chose to show it, but they also made it louder than it actually was! They must hate NaOnka so much, although I can't tell if they hate her more or less than the other Kelly, whose existence they refuse to acknowledge. Anyway, NaOnka is unfazed by her ass outburst and continues that she was sneaking peanuts in her bra. She proves this by taking one out of her pocket and eating it.

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