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Speaking of stereotypes, NaOnka decides to do something nice for once in her life and make breakfast for her tribe using the merge-feast-provided flour and water. But, of course, there are strings attached, mainly that Jud isn't allowed to take a "big-ass bite" of his. He takes a fairly small bite and asks her if that's a good size. "I guess. I don't know," she says, because she's basically decided that Jud is going to take a huge bite out of the tortilla no matter what he actually does, and his attempt to get her approval on the size of his bite only ruins her plans. Sitting in front of some more plant life with spikes on it (seriously, is Nicaragua just all spiky plants or did they import these to use as background in NaOnka interviews?), NaOnka complains about how the tortillas were her idea and she made them, only to be stuck with the smallest one. This does not sit well with her, so she grabs the jar of flour, sneaks it into her bag, and walks away. Unfortunately for her, Holly saw the whole thing. She says nothing to NaOnka or anyone else about it, but interviews that she is puzzled. "Why did she just take the flour?" she wonders. I don't know, Holly -- why did you take Dan's shoes?

NaOnka digs a massive hole in the ground and buries the flour jar in it, muttering to herself that this is what her tribe gets for not appreciating the "heart and soul" she put into making those tortillas, which I don't believe for a minute since NaOnka has no heart and no soul. What she's really mad about is the fact that Jud ate the big tortilla that NaOnka made just for herself. So it's okay for NaOnka to have a nice, big tortilla, but if Jud eats a big tortilla, the entire tribe must be punished? I see how it is. She says she's going to "play dirty," and why not? If her tribe didn't kick her out for damaging their fruit reward while attacking a woman with one leg in order to get the immunity idol for herself then they're not going to do anything about this.

Since she thinks she got away with stealing the flour, NaOnka decides to press her luck and steal more things from the chest: tortilla-making equipment and fruit. "It tastes better when you're stealing it!" she says; "like a sweet victory." Huh. One time my friends and I shoplifted a pack of Starburst from the grocery store and I found that it actually tasted worse. I guess that's the effect having morals has on your tastebuds. As she chews with her mouth open (by the way, where the hell is everyone else? Why is she hanging out by the shelter with absolutely no one around, not even Dan, who lives in the shelter?) she says that with everyone hating Alina and wanting her gone, she can be the person to tell her what's up. And so, she and Alina sit on the beach. Alina asks her who she's loyal to, and NaOnka lies that she's in with Alina's Espada Six plan, even though Alina saw her go off with Brenda all day. While the other Kelly snoozes on the beach nearby and does absolutely nothing useful, NaOnka tells Alina that people are "gunning" for her, and while NaOnka of course would never vote Alina out, it sounds like the majority will.

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