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Alina interviews that her entire tribe lied to her and she feels like an idiot. So now she's pissed off enough at everyone to happily partake of NaOnka's stolen goods, as encouraged by NaOnka, who tells her an entire orange will calm her nerves. Alina says that her only hope right now can't be winning immunity, but NaOnka doesn't think she has a chance to get enough people to ally with her. Alina doesn't understand why she's such a target. Nor do I. People were, like, venomous when they talked about how they wanted Alina out, but we never saw her do anything personally horrible to anyone. So, why is NaOnka, of all people, being nice to Alina? She explains that this will ensure that she receives a vote from Alina when she makes it to the end and Alina is on the jury. "So I have to be smart," she says. Um, I'm sorry, the kind of "smart" that gets jury votes starts on Day One in this game. You can't just start being sort-of nice to people more than halfway through now that you know you might need them, especially when you've been such a nasty beast to them before. Oh, and you also don't steal people's food. But nice try with the politicking, NaOnka. She concludes she both has and does not have Alina's back right now.

Meanwhile, the rest of the tribe returns to camp to find several items missing. While they wonder what happened, NaOnka stays very quiet. Jud finally says what everyone is thinking: those things were taken intentionally. "I think it's pretty obvious somebody took them," Alina says angrily. I wondering if they edited this out of order and this all happened before Alina found out about NaOnka's secret stash, because otherwise she's doing a great acting job here. When the flour is the next thing to turn up missing, Holly has no choice but to spring into action, asking NaOnka if she put the flour back in the chest after she put it in her bag. NaOnka cuts her off immediately, saying everyone saw her put the flour back. Holly says she saw NaOnka put the flour in her bag. She did not see NaOnka put it back, as NaOnka insists that she did. But now everyone wants to know why NaOnka put the flour in her bag in the first place. "Because I was gonna put half in there," she says, explaining nothing. NaOnka looks everyone in the eye individually and tells him she didn't take anything. Jud presses, but NaOnka says she's done talking about this. Jud insists on finding out why the flour went in NaOnka's bag in the first place. "I put it back," NaOnka says. Jud explodes, screaming that no one's talking about whether or not she put it back -- just why she put it in her bag at all. He's so angry that his mouth blurs and NaOnka takes off because she knows that she has no excuse for why she put the flour in her bag and she is so busted right now.

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