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Alina interviews that while all that was going on, she had to stand there and pretend she had no idea what was happening, as she is now complicit in NaOnka's crimes and people will be just as angry at her as they are at NaOnka if they find out the truth, which would make NaOnka kind of brilliant if that was her intention and if she hadn't done the incredibly stupid thing of stealing food from starving people and thinking they wouldn't notice in the first place. Alina and NaOnka meet in the woods and Alina tells her she has to confess. Chase suddenly shows up and says that everyone knows NaOnka did it anyway, so she might as well tell the truth. "It's the right thing to do," Alina says, mistakenly believing that NaOnka gives a shit about doing the right thing. I mean, it's clear that the idea of telling the truth and taking responsibility never even occurred to NaOnka and she's confused as to why other people think it's an option. She says she just told everyone individually, face to face, that she didn't take the stuff, so to admit that she did would make her look even worse. Chase says this is Survivor and everyone lies, so people will understand.

And so, NaOnka has to stand in front of the tribe and admit what she did. Sort of. She says she was just "trying to play the game" and didn't mean to "starve anyone." "Alina and I, we took a walk-- " NaOnka starts, and Detective Holly immediately picks up on the fact that Alina was also involved in this. NaOnka then claims that she only took the flour to measure half of it out so they could ration it better, which no one believes, specifically Marty, who wonders if NaOnka wasn't just going to hoard a secret stash of flour that she could "use to [her] advantage." Ben speaks up and asks NaOnka why she didn't just tell everyone to stop using so much flour. Um, because she wanted to steal the flour, Ben. Duh. NaOnka does have a tiny little piece of honor, though, and says that people shouldn't blame Alina because this wasn't her idea. Jud seems genuinely touched by this and sincerely thanks NaOnka for finally doing the right thing. Marty, meanwhile, interviews that NaOnka just admitted to stealing their food and lying about it, and so by all rights should be the next person going home. But, he realizes, that's probably not how it's going to go down.

The next morning, it's rice and beans for breakfast. No fruit, since that disappeared (which I don't think the others actually know about). Brenda says that what NaOnka did was "ridiculous," but Alina was also involved so that just makes it easier to get rid of her tonight. Sash, Chase, and Brenda meet to discuss NaOnka and whether or not they should "protect" her. "Don't we have to?" Brenda asks. NO, YOU DON'T. They have the numbers without NaOnka, and NaOnka has an immunity idol so this would be an ideal time to blindside her. But they're probably all salivating over the idea of bringing her to the Final Three or Two with them. Sure enough, Sash interviews that his game plan is to take NaOnka to the end because she won't get any votes. You know, I'm just going to go on this show and be a horrible person so I can get second place and like $100,000. That's the easiest strategy of all. Sash talks to NaOnka and tells her that almost everyone is still set to vote Alina out and he's sure that her food-stealing caper will blow over in time. "You're my number one girl here," he tells her.

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